Tailless Cat Breeds

Tailless Cat Breeds

japanese bobtail.

The truth is that tailless cat breeds exist due to mutated genes that shorten or completely "ignore" the tail. The genes that cause this.

Kurilian Bobtail.

Ester Exposito and Rauw Alejandro

mekong bobtail.

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american bobtail.

physical characteristics

Home ยป Cat breeds without tails Cat breeds without tails 25 February, 0 comments If there is something characteristic in the body of a feline, it is, without a doubt, its long and sinuous tail, but today we will tell you that there are also cat breeds without tails and we want you to know why this happens and what characterizes each of them. Cat breeds without tails are born due to mutated genes that are the cause of causing a shortening or the total disappearance of the tail, so that there are some cat breeds with small tails or there is no trace of them: Manx; This breed is characterized by having a large, wide, round head, developed cheeks, small ears, and wide, round eyes.

They are calm and sociable cats, intelligent and affectionate. They usually have a long life, but it is important to repair their spine during growth so that they do not suffer from any malformation or disease. Japanese Bobtail; A breed that already has 1. It is a cat with a shortened and twisted tail, forming a pompom at the end. His face is triangular and his ears are separated and rounded at the tip.

They have a high level of activity and their diet should cover their needs in this regard. pixy bob; Thought to be born from a cross between bobcats, wild bobcats, and domestic cats, it has a short, thick tail, a long head, wide neck, and slow development, usually complete by age 4. They are peaceful and calm cats and do not show much interest in discovering the outside.

The fur is leopard and reddish colors in different shades.

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