Tattooed Eyebrows

tattooed eyebrows

Why not get some eyebrows tattooed by micropigmentation? It is a way to always keep them in place, always beautiful, without gray hair.

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Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson

If you are thinking of tattooing your eyebrows to get an outlined and populated frame for your look without the need for makeup.

Micropigmentation or tattooed eyebrows: photos, prices, advantages and disadvantages –

In our specialized center in Madrid we offer three semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing treatments: The famous microblading that has as its.

The vast majority of people who think about getting a tattoo, regardless of the size or shape of the tattoo, ask the same question about the pain that a tattoo can cause. Of course, everything depends on the sensitivity of each one, but the area can be anesthetized so that the discomfort is minimal. Finally, the anesthesia is applied, which is in the form of a gel and they begin to work on the eyebrow.

Advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow tattoo Of course, there are many advantages in tattooed eyebrows. Here come the disadvantages. From then on, that reaction should start to wear off. Then the normal thing is that the effects of said reaction begin to disappear little by little. However, if after a total of 20 days we still have a visible reaction, we will have to consider the possibility that something has gone wrong.

You can also try, if you think that the color has been very artificial, with a lightening of the eyebrows using a specific ointment. However, there are a series of requirements that we must meet in order to choose this option: -Only the entire eyebrow sifting is offered. This is so because the technique is not hair to hair. You can also lighten the eyebrows with a series of specific creams for it. Many clinics recommend precisely this type of product to gradually remove tattoos, although there are also those that lighten the eyebrows.

Therefore, it is a somewhat risky option whether you want to lighten or remove the tattoo little by little. This is quite relevant, since, in a certain way, it demystifies that image of perfection and natural beauty that famous people must maintain. So also get these little beauty tricks to all women, famous or not. If you decide to do them, you need to take into account some tips, so you can enjoy them for a long time.

wait a couple of weeks. Do not be scared if you see excessively dark eyebrows the first few days. Always keep the area very hydrated, for at least two weeks, until it heals completely. Don’t pluck your eyebrows for a couple of weeks. It is true, that it may be complicated, but it is the best, so that the skin is not irritated: depilatory creams, blade, tweezers, wax… None of that.

With a little water and a brush, it is enough. Tattooing eyebrows is an art because a face changes a lot depending on the chosen eyebrow and it is not necessary not to have eyebrows or to have bald spots on them to opt for this solution, it is simply to be interested in creating something different on your own face.

The photo above is from when the model has just undergone the eyebrow tattoo technique, so it looks too dark. Badly tattooed eyebrows In this other photograph we can see what would be eyebrows that are not recommended for anyone, since they seem completely unreal and generate a very strange sensation when seeing it, as if the person were constantly surprised.

Ideally, tattooed eyebrows look natural because it is not a decorative tattoo, but functional and aesthetic. Alternatives to micropigmentation or tattooed eyebrows Microblading Many of you may think that micropigmentation of eyebrows and microblading are the same, but the truth is that it is not, since while micropigmentation, as we have explained, is a permanent tattoo of the eyebrows, microblading consists of a reconstruction technique of the eyebrows as a manual technique.

It is done with an extremely fine blade that deposits the pigment in the epidermis, recreating the precise and very thin structure of the hair. The pigments used match the color of the natural eyebrow. Initially, the brow may appear dark, but the intensity of the color diminishes over the next two weeks, leaving a natural, full and flawless effect.

It takes up to three hours and the effect is supernatural with a drawing stability duration of 3 to 5 years, so unlike micropigmentation it is not permanent and would have to be repeated after that time.

Take an eyeshadow color that matches the color of your brows and apply it evenly across the brow with the help of a fine-tipped brush. If you do it right, the result of eyebrow tinting can be really amazing, so much so that it can be quite compared to what you get with microblading.