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These Are The Handsome, Sexy And Talented Celebrities Who Were Born Under The Sign Of Taurus

Enrique Iglesias (May 8).

10 pound celebrities: Happy Birthday!! TAURUS (4/21 to 5/20) Sandra Mihanovich, Gabriela Sabatini and Javier Portales are the celebrities born under this sign.

Carmen Villalobos Without Breasts There Is No Paradise

Raphael (May 5).

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Marta Sanchez (May 8).

These are the handsome, sexy and talented celebrities who were born under the Taurus sign | Glamor

Leiva (April 30).

Horoscope: we present you 12 Taurus celebrities and their characteristics

Surely yes. Their greatest desire is calm, that is why they are prudent and very observant. Katherine Langford actress of the series Cursed is Taurus And it is that, deep down, without Taurus we could not live. They are those people who stabilize us and who remind us of what really matters: the pleasures of life and enjoying the present. Taurus transmits good vibes anywhere, making you feel comfortable. Of course, everyone knows that the bull is a very calm animal until they are tickled.

Artists with a lot of naturalness, humble, calm, persevering and who dedicate themselves to what makes them happy. His dream is to lead a simple life. A curious fact, in an interview with Cadena Ser he confessed something very Taurus: "I’m a super sleepyhead". Macarena García You just have to see the love that Macarena García has earned over the years. A humble actress, who always brings good vibes due to her freshness and sweetness. Sam Smith That Sam Smith is of this sign makes a lot of sense: his perseverance is the key to everything.

Lizzo It is not necessary for us to say it, because Lizzo proudly admits to being one. This is how he once tweeted: "Hi, I’m Lizzo, I’m Taurus, I like long walks on the beach and ice cream meditation". A stable and down-to-earth artist, never better said, who also likes to take care of herself and pamper herself.

J Balvin Yes, J Balvin is a Taurus. Despite all the fame and money he has achieved with his career, he is a simple and humble artist. Without a doubt, Rex Orange County is a Taurus because he makes us feel comfortable with him. Startled Girl We fell in love with OT with her prudence, tranquility and good vibes.

Noah Centineo The Netflix actor loves tranquility and his favorite plan when he has a bad day is to enjoy a walk in nature. Yarea transmits naturalness and conquers us with her chill songs, which relax us and accompany us. And she admits it herself: she sleeps for many hours.