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Do You Remember The Baby From Teletubbies? This is what it looks like today!

The Sun has never shone like it did in Teletubbies. He did it with a clear look and an innocent and kind smile.

Jessica Smith is 24 years old and is the mother of a girl. "Proud to be the first baby sun in the Teletubbies and current dance student". The.

Karol G In Vikini

"makes me feel old", · "The Teletubbies baby has had a baby", · "She’s the ‘sunshine baby’ Jess Smith, with our new ‘sunshine baby’.

tattooed lips

20 years have passed since this peculiar children’s series. On Facebook, the baby who gave life to the iconic Sun revealed her identity and.

Do you remember the baby from Teletubbies? This is what it looks like today!

All the children of the 90s remember the baby who played the sun in the series. Jessica Smith, a British baby who is already 24 years old and.

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