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Teremana – The Rock Tequila Dwayne Johnson Is It Good?

tequila Teremana Reposado Tequila 75cl, Tequila. €73.32 (Approximate price) Dwayne Johnson’s very own Tequila, Teremana.

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His fans know him as "The Rock" "La Roca", an action superstar and former professional wrestler, but he recently allied himself with a spirit drink from Mexico. In his wrestling days, Johnson took on the persona of "The People’s Champion," and in real life he has striven to do the same. So when he created the beverage brand before the pandemic, Johnson spent time in Mexico with the men and women who work hard to make the drink, from the agave fields to the barrels.

At the time, I was still on the rise, I was trying to turn my career around," he said. Johnson, a third-generation professional wrestler, was intrigued as a child by wrestling, a high-flying, theatrical version of the sport popularized in the arenas of Mexico. The following conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson got into the tequila business in When I was young, my house always had tequila, whiskey, vodka, and beer. I grew up with a true love for tequila and whiskey, in particular. But the first time I visited Mexico, specifically Mexico City, I went to some places and enjoyed a local tequila. Up to that time he had enjoyed the well-known and famous brands.

But when I finally landed in Mexico in , I enjoyed the local tequila. I loved. It was a really special connection. I remember I bought all I could at these local places. I started asking questions about how that particular tequila was made.

and the process. And then I went back to the same bar the next night. It was a good moment. Lots of great memories of connecting with tequila and connecting with the locals. Tell us about the distillery and the creation of the Teremana brand.

When I first went there, we partnered with a beautiful Mexican family that is a tequila maker and agave grower. We built our own distillery there. It is special because of the jobs we can create.

We have almost employees in Teremana. I grew up in the world of professional wrestling. And in Texas, where we lived in South Texas, I was exposed at that time to wrestling. I loved pro wrestling, and wrestlers were my heroes. It always fascinated me, I loved watching the fights… in the front row. I was that kid who ate popcorn and dropped it on the floor. And I would go into the dressing rooms and hang out with my father… I would keep my mouth shut because that was important.

But I was in awe of all my heroes. I mean, that’s commitment. And I remember asking my father and my family about it. In that culture that is what is important for them, that they never reveal their identity. So that took my idea of ​​my heroes to a whole new level. Last year you had covid It affects everyone differently. My symptoms were very mild.

He was in bed for a day. He had a bit of a fever, but he pulled through. That’s where I always need to go. We were [on Oahu] right after Christmas. I love to take as much production there as I can. And I’ve reached a good point in my career where I can recommend without hesitation that we go to Hawaii [laughs]. It’s also good for the team, it’s great for the island… for the local economy.

It is a variant of a high-end margarita, to which I add a little pineapple.