Thalia’S Daughter

Thalia’s Daughter Is Already Planning Her Quinceañera

Sabrina Sakaë Mottola, daughter of Thalía and Tommy Mottola has become quite a young lady, and is identical to her mother, even in her way of.

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The photo that shows that Thalia’s daughter is her double. reborn! Thalía and her daughter, Sabrina Sakaë are one and this was more.

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Sabrina Sakaë’s also impressed the followers by how much she has grown. At 12 years old, the first daughter of the interpreter of ".

Sabrina Sakaë, daughter of singer Thalía and businessman Tommy Mottola, has already begun preparations for her XV-year party.

Sabrina, Thalía’s daughter, will dress the same as her mother in her XV years (Photos)

– Sabrina Sakaë is the famous daughter of the singer Thalía who surprises with her beauty on social networks and is that at 13 she looks like a charming.


The family traveled to the coast to enjoy a vacation at a hotel by the sea during these holidays. From a white sand beach and turquoise water, Tommy Mottola shared a photo of little Sabrina Sakaë. The producer’s followers highlighted Sabrina Sakaë’s resemblance to her mother. The image aroused the nostalgia of the fans of the Mexican singer, who highlighted that the young woman is a carbon copy of "Marimar", the character that made Thalía famous when she was 23 years old.

The followers highlighted how much Thalía’s daughter resembles the character of Marimar, who gave the Mexican singer the jump to fame Photo: special Marimar tells the story of a young woman who was raised with her grandparents and who meets a young man rich man who initially uses her, but ends up falling in love with the girl. The novel premiered in and catapulted Thalía to world fame. The image of Sabrina Sakaë also impressed the followers for how much she has grown.

SabrinaSakaë every day you teach me that living in the moment is absolute happiness. And that you talk for hours together is food for the soul! Happy 11th Birthday Sabrina!

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