Thalia’S Niece

Thalía’s niece showed her sexiest side

Camila Sodi, Thalia’s niece, reveals that she has #Coronavirus. The Mexican actress said on social networks that she and her 9-year-old daughter gave.

Thalía’s niece and Mexican artist Camila Sodi The actress niece of singer Thalía has built a solid career with credit.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but Thalia has another niece just as beautiful and talented as Camila Sodi; her name is Paulina.

Mexican actress Camila Sodi, Thalía’s niece, published this Thursday, March 26, in a series of videos in which she revealed that she and her daughter.

Thalía’s niece showed her sexiest side | International | Pan American Radio

With an appeal to "take care of each other", Mexican actress Camila Sodi announced that her daughter with actor Diego Luna, Fiona Luna.

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The aunt and niece would have made the ugly to the presenter of Univision

This actress, who began her modeling career and went on to become a television presenter, is also the one who revived in the spin-off of the famous soap opera Rubí. Coming from a family with an artistic streak, Camila Sodi was naturally introduced to the medium, beginning her acting career at the age of 8. In her teens, after working on television and starting as Florecita in the telenovela Inocente de ti, Sodi became Mexico’s revelation actress, landing her first roles in movies and covering magazine covers.

Mexican actress Camila Sodi. Camila Sodi is a Mexican singer and actress. She is the niece of singer and actress Thalía, and also the niece of actress and telenovela writer Laura Zapata. Camila Sodi on the red carpet.

In he returned to do runway work, returning to the screen to act in the film Déficit, the first film directed by Gael García Bernal. The same year the film Niñas mal was released, in which Camila plays the role of Pía and works alongside Ximena Sariñana and María Aura. Although the actress was unable to finish her scenes due to an accident, the film was a success.

With the premiere of Déficit, the actress was praised for her performance in the role of Elisa, while the publicity of the film directed by Gael García Bernal contributed to her exposure. Camila Sodi’s style is a range of possibilities, which undoubtedly always highlights her Latin heritage.

Dissecting her fashion decisions, it becomes clear her penchant for bold colors and voluminous sleeves, essential features for a successful dress. Sodi bets on exotic and maximalist prints, in designs such as those of the Mexican Carlos Pineda and the eclectic creations of Alessandro Michele for Gucci.

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