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VIDEO: Thalía confesses that she has no ribs and therefore her micro waist

She beat Thalía: Andrea Meza, Miss Universe, boasts the narrowest waist of all. The young woman shared a series of photos in Republic.

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The Mexican Thalía continues to be crowned the most likeable singer on social networks with funny videos of hits and misses on.

Thalía: They reveal the secret behind her thin waist. by Alejandra Sarasqueta. The tiny waist of the Mexican singer has always been talked about.

And now he generated a series of reactions thanks to a girdle that made his tiny waist look more. Thalia. With these publications he further fueled the controversy in.

Thalía: They reveal the secret behind her slim waist | Beauty

Likes, Comments – europareportage.euadas on “Repent Thalía of your devilish waist.

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