Thanos Disappearing

This Is Thanos’ Easter Egg In Google, You Can Now Try It On Your Android

Months and Gifs of Tv / Cinema / Music. Imagine Thanos disappearing this guy’s daughter and this other’s puppy. Imagine.

of Thanos, the shot is about the moment where the villain makes the snap with his fingers, disappearing a large part of humanity.

Thor’s brother is so important that he will have his own series on Disney +, but he disappeared forever after dealing with Thanos in.

the devil

In The Simpsons Opening Preview, Thanos Disappears Them. Is it a sign before the imminent purchase of Fox by Disney?

This is Thanos’ easter egg on Google, you can now try it on your mobile

Recently an easter egg celebrating the release of Avengers: Endgame by Google has appeared. If you Google Thanos.

Shanann Watts Body

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