The 4 Children Of Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin 2022: His Changes, Original Name, How Many Children He Has And Much More

He always wanted to have a big family and thirteen years later he has achieved it: being the father of the twins Valentino and Mateo, 13 years old, and of the little ones: Lucía (who recently turned three years old) and Renn, who is just two years old. Rarely does the singer reveal his facet as a father.

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Ricky Martin, husband, Jwan Yosef, and their four children Valentino and Matteo, Lucía and Renn. › entertainment › /12/28 › asi-lucen-hoy-los-cu.

On August 5, , life for Ricky Martin changed forever, as it was the day his first children, the Matteo twins, were born.

Ricky Martin his changes, original name, how many children he has and much more

Ricky Martin and her husband, Jwan Yosef, form one of the most established couples on the music scene. Along with them, their four little ones;.

He was the vocalist for Menudo Ricky Martin began his musical career in the 1980s as the vocalist for Menudo. He joined the group at the age of 13 and had been rejected on three previous occasions for his short stature. In , the artist became soloist. He is also an actor The singer has also explored the world of acting and his first participation was in Hercules Many do not know that the artist gave life, with his voice, to the character of Hercules in the Disney animated film.

So far, he has sold 8 million copies of that single. From pop to reggaeton The artist is not afraid to try new sounds. Currently, his partner is Jwan Yosef and it was when the singer confessed to having secretly married. The singer is the father of twin sons, Valentino and Matteo. The children were born in and conceived through surrogacy.

In , on December 31, Martin and Yosef announced the birth of their daughter Lucía. The Voice The singer has been a coach in two different versions of this musical reality. Get alerts from Google News Related Topics.

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