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All The Marvel And DC Superheroes Made Fun Of In The Boys

THE BOYS 07 Darick Robertson / Garth Ennis CONTINUES GARTH ENNIS’ MOST HILARIOUS AND DEPRAVATE SERIES They look like it, but don’t kid yourself, they’re never innocent!!

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Those who have read The Boys graphic novels will already know Soldier Boy very well. In fact, he is one of the favorite characters and of that.

Seven on 7′ ​​is the new mini spin-off of The Boys with capsules from VNN (Vought News Network) that will join seasons 2 and 3.

The warriors of truth and justice, the defenders of the American dream, those heroes who fight to fix things and ask for nothing in return?? Hughie.

Orgies and more superhumans: what to expect from ‘The Boys’ and its season 3

A new look at The Seven via Vought News Network VNN has Cameron Coleman host a fictional talk show.

The most watched series

Let’s see, for the moment, what we can expect from his season 3. It must be remembered that the second installment of The Boys said goodbye with a circumstance, at least, delicate. On the one hand, we discover that Stormfront, the superhuman who had spent the entire season shadowing Patriot, had been the vigilante Liberty many years before; and that she was not a pro-Trump agitator, but a plain Nazi, and a first-hand witness to the sinister links between the Vought company and the Third Reich.

The intention of those responsible for the series is to explore the past of superheroes in the world of The Boys through this group. In the comics, Soldier Boy serves as her partner in Payback, a second-rate supergroup. It is said that he is the first true superhero and that he fought in World War II, although in reality Soldier Boy is an alias that different people have used over the years.

The one chosen to play the character has been Jensen Ackles, the actor from Supernatural, a series created by Eric Kripke, as The Boys. With the addition of Payback to the plot, Kripke and his team want to challenge the myth of the good old days that also prevails in superhero stories. The producer and screenwriter explained a few months ago to Entertainment Weekly that "Payback was the Seven before the Seven", and one of the reasons why they are so interested in recovering the members of that superteam is the door they open to exploration. of America’s past history.

It is not little that we will take from home to this third installment of The Boys, although some aspects that are quite relevant to the plots of the comics remain in the shadows. One of these is the role of the villains: save for the super-terrorists in the Middle East, most threats to the Seven in the series have come from within, either through Stormfront and its leadership conflict with Patriot or the Deep and the sect he joined.

In comics, there are supervillains of the usual kind, with their colorful tights and everything, so we may see them in this new season. There, by the way, the infamous encounter between Soldier Boy and Patriot took place. Sign up for free and receive the best series content every day in your email.

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