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Netflix Premieres Dramatic Film “La Isla Negra”

The black island on Netflix: what is the German thriller that is all the rage on the platform about? 4 months ago. 2min read.

The German Netflix film Black Island (Schwarze Insel in German) presents a mystery thriller set in a small island community north of.

What does that map with an island in black mean?? This is the explained ending of ‘The Black Island’, the Netflix movie. साझा गर्नुहोस्.

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The German Netflix film Black Island (Schwarze Insel in German) presents a mystery thriller set in a small island community north of.

Netflix premieres the dramatic film "the black island" – Diary 24

– The Black Island shows that Netflix has settled in a very comfortable and privileged position: it seems that everything it releases is and.

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But don’t let the scenery fool you, it’s a twisted ride. A year after his death, we catch up with Jonas as he attends classes, flirts with his friend Nina Cohrs Mercedes Müller, and works towards his goal of becoming a writer. Everything changes when a substitute named Helena Jung Alice Dwyer is hired as a temporary replacement for the teacher after she is injured in an accident.

Let’s take a look at the end of The Black Island. Before Helena joins the school as a teacher, we learn that she was involved in the death of Jonas’s parents. Knowing that she was involved in a murder should have prepared us for the future revelation about her identity, but sadly, it’s such a twist that few probably saw it coming.

At one point in the film, Nina not only infers that Helena had something to do with her teacher’s injury, but also pieces together the mystery of Helena’s identity. In an old yearbook, he finds a picture of a teacher named Maria Roth, who looks identical to Helena. We eventually learn that Helena was, in fact, Maria Roth’s daughter, which means that Helena is Jonas’s aunt.

When Friedrich refused to come forward after impregnating Maria, Maria ended her life and Helena grew up to seek revenge on Friedrich and everyone she loves, including Jonas. He then drugs Jonas before revealing his motivations to him, and as he weakens, he takes him to the pond in the backyard to drown him.

Fortunately, Jonas’s instincts kick in at the perfect time and he is able to escape. The ending can be a bit confusing for those who look away even for a second, as the action unfolds in such a short amount of time. Nonetheless, the intense fighting makes for a thrilling conclusion to the twisted story.

After killing Helena, Friedrich gives Jonas a letter from Maria. This is essentially her suicide note, which corroborates everything Helena revealed. Fortunately, he turns out to be a complete stranger, and she has a little chat with Jonas about living on the island.

It seems likely, and we wouldn’t let it go unnoticed.