The Coldest Sign


It is said that the.

It is one of the coldest signs. It is difficult for him to express his feelings and he does not show emotion in any situation. The reason is because they are.

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Cancer, the coldest sign of the zodiac You may be surprised to see Cancer in this note because they are affectionate and emotional, but they are exactly.


Gemini. It is not about not being able to establish a relationship with them, what happens is that you never know what they are thinking or feeling. Virgo.

It may be an innate quality of your personality, or it may be a consequence of past experiences. When people experience episodes where they get hurt, they tend to close their hearts and walk away from people. They totally reject all kinds of complications, and are usually lonely. They tend to be rational and flee from the emotional world. Due to this, they interact very little and when they do, they keep their distance and try to keep it only for what is necessary.

However, Aquarius can look at a person who is clear about what he is pursuing in his life and who dares to experiment and take risks without fear. Even so, when a person expresses his love or affection to Aquarius, he usually tends to run away.

They usually build shields around their feelings to avoid being hurt. When they have a partner, it can confuse them with their coldness. However, this is not the case, Capricorn prefers to be sincere and express his affection only at the times he considers appropriate.

For this reason, they generally tend to push people away with their words. They tend to be boring with their long talks, thoughts and conclusions. A Sagittarius can go from being loving, caring, and courteous, to being cold, distant, and even rude. They like to imagine a lot, therefore, when they share with a person, they get tired of being excluded by that fantasy world in which Sagittarius takes refuge.

However, it could be a very interesting company for those who tolerate those episodes. When a Sagittarius person associates with someone equally cold, they might come to understand each other for a period of time. But that is not healthy for anyone, since we all need each other’s warmth and love to live fully.