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The Good Doctor: The Series That Was Inspired By A Korean Drama

A man with autism and the mentality of a 10-year-old boy overcomes all obstacles to become a pediatrician using his special skills.

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This series is an adaptation of Good Doctor (Gut dakteo), a Korean drama broadcast in , later the version would be released.

Good Doctor (Hangul, ; revised Korean romanization, Gut dakteo) is a series In December , Good Doctor also received an award from.

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The Good Doctor: The series that was inspired by a Korean drama – K-magazine

Title: / Goot Dakteo English Title: Good Doctor Formerly Known As: / Geulin Meseu (Green Mass) Genre: Drama, Medicine.

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Where to see the drama of ‘The Good Doctor’?

Here we will tell you everything about the original version of this popular American series. The American series The Good Doctor became a success since its premiere on House a couple of years ago. The Good Doctor follows Shaun Murphy, a doctor with autism spectrum disorder and savant syndrome who begins working at Bonaventure Hospital.

The series has four seasons that managed to make Shaun Murphy the favorite doctor of this new generation. Next we will tell you everything you need to know about the original version. The screenwriter who brought the original story of Good Doctor to life was Park Jae Beom, famous for his work on popular dramas such as Vincenzo and Blood. The story of a doctor with autism captivated the South Korean audience with its emotionality and sensitivity.

The Korean drama received several awards, both from critics and government associations, for raising awareness and giving visibility to society about autism. Good Doctor: From Korean Drama to US Remake Korean-American actor, Daniel Dae Kim, was the person who made the Korean drama adaptation possible.

The actor, famous for his work on shows like Hawaii Five-0 and Lost, saw the potential of Good Doctor from the start. The adaptation was in charge of the Canadian screenwriter and creator of Dr. Original version vs adaptations The Korean drama Good Doctor has 20 episodes and a single season, unlike the American adaptation with four seasons.

Turkey also joined and launched a series inspired by the Korean drama in Comments Aura Resendiz Journalist in progress. Anime, kpop and kdramas came into my life at the perfect time.