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The Mexican actor became a series regular at the start of the fifth season, but it was later confirmed that.

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The Good Doctor – Season 5 · BIANCA JAQUEZ – September 30, Thank you very much for uploading the episode in very good quality. · Monica – June 09, · Miguel.

The Good Doctor Season 5 Episode 4 focused on Shaun’s need to be less rigid and more open to other ideas.

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The good doctor 5 ONLINE: premiere date and channel to watch the new season. Shaun Murphy Will Return For Continuation Of ABC’s Hit Medical Drama.

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Most get good reviews except Shaun. Almost all patients think that he is a borderline and insensitive person and this makes him begin to obsess and want to improve his social skills. The first patient of the week is Mr. Song arriving at the hospital for being the victim of a hate crime.

He is treated by Park, Jordan and Shaun. After treating his broken jaw and occasional contusions, the patient begins to have seizures and it is discovered that he has an inoperable brain tumor. Shaun looks for a solution and thus transmits it to his daughter, although in a somewhat abrupt way. This causes it to have a worse evaluation that makes Lea decide to delete said evaluation so that it does not enter the system. We’ll see what happens when Shaun finds out. The other patient of the week is a girl who arrives from Guatemala from Dr.

Mateo and on top of that she is his ex-girlfriend. This slightly affects Dr. Lim who takes it personally. Here we learn that Mateo has gone to Guatemala on a humanitarian mission confirming the departure of actor Osvaldo Benavides as Mateo Rendón. The patient tells her things about Mateo that she did not know and that make her see that their relationship does not have much of a future.

We’ll see how this break goes. Park’s patient is a little girl in desperate need of a heart transplant. On the other hand, Shaun’s patient has little, if any, chance of survival, but he doesn’t want to give it up. That’s when Park and Shaun collide in ways of thinking: Park asks him to let his patient go so he can donate his organs and save a life but Shaun is not a person who gives up and threatens to report him if he takes the decision. decision for him.