The Guardians Of Time

Loki: Who Are The Keepers Of Time Mentioned In Chapter 1?

The Guardians of Time were a group of androids created by He Who Remains as a front for the leaders of the Time Variation Authority.

They are the leaders and creators of the Temporary Variation and all its workers, in addition to those in charge of preventing lines from arising.

The Guardians of Time is a trilogy written by Marianne Curley. It consists of three novels: The Chosen Ones, The Darkness and The Key. These novels tell the story of the struggle between two groups known as The Guard and The Order of Chaos.

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In the comics, the "Guardians of Time" are a trio of cosmic beings created by the old last director of the Time Variance Authority (TVA).

Loki: who are the Guardians of Time that are mentioned in chapter 1?

The first time we learned of the existence of the Guardians of Time was in Thor #, a comic written by Mark Gruenwald and illustrated by.

The beings created to protect the correct flow of time

This is everything we know about the powerful Guardians of Time. The Guardians of Time in the Comics Although the Guardians of Time have only just made their debut in the MCU, these entities are well known to comic book readers. The Guardians of the original work present a great difference with respect to the beings that we have been able to see on Disney Plus. On the other hand, the Marvel cartoons explain that these cosmic beings were created by the former director of the Agency.

The Guardians entered the scene when the universe was on the brink of collapse. The former director of the Temporal Variation Agency created these beings to control space and time. Since then, the trio have appeared in various Marvel comics, coming to interact with the Avengers as well as Scarlet Witch and Vision. In fact, the marriage of heroes had to fight the evil counterpart of the Guardians, the Time Twisters. As is evident, the Guardians have the ability to manipulate time at will, therefore, they can age or rejuvenate any creature just by thinking about it.

Another of his abilities is to summon living beings from anywhere in the universe and send them to different realities. They can also create energy beams, protective shields and temporarily increase the powers of other characters.