The Kissing Stand 2 Actors

This Is The Real Age Of The Actors Of ‘The Kissing Booth’

After a romantic summer together, Noah leaves for Harvard, and Elle returns to high school for her senior year.

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The actors that the successful Netflix movie had been a couple in, when they made the first installment of the saga.

Actors and actresses ; Joey King. Character: Elle Evans; Jacob Elordi. Character: Noah Flynn; Joel Courtney. Character: Lee Flynn; Taylor Zakhar Perez.

The Kissing Booth 2 (My First Kiss 2 in Spain and The Kissing Booth 2 in Latin America) is an American romantic comedy film for.

The kissing booth 2: Synopsis, trailer, cast and review

Main Cast Elle Evans Joey King Lee Flynn Joel Courtney Noah Flynn Jacob Elordi Rachel Megan o Meganne Young Marco Peña Taylor.

This is the real age of the actors of ‘The Kissing Booth’

Direction: Vince Marcello. Screenplay: Vince Marcello. Distribution: Netflix. Release date: July 24, Whether you love it or hate it, you surely know this film. But it seems that Netflix opted for this film to make a second installment, which premiered on July 24, Elle and Lee have friendship rules, which they follow to the letter and breaking any of them would be the end of the long and lasting friendship. Elle has a crush on her best friend’s brother, Noah Flynn Jacob Elordi.

But he sees her as his little sister, or that’s what it seems at first. This caused a lot of controversy because they take his character as violent and that of the actor who plays Lee Flynn as possessive. I want to go deeper into this. I mean, come on, the author was only 13 years old when she wrote the story. But analyzing everything better, in this sequel I could notice moments that made me cringe, embarrassed. For example: Rachel Meganne Young stressed and tired of having to share Lee with Elle, not being able to spend time with her boyfriend because his best friend was always between them, she invited herself to places alone, ruined dates without realize, but did, etc.

The moment when Rachel asks him to talk to Elle and Lee lies to her because he doesn’t want to cut Elle out of his life. I must say that both seemed toxic and possessive to me. At one point Lee confesses to Elle that he pretended to be injured so that she could spend time with Marco and he could be with Rachel.

It’s like a new level of possessiveness. In a fit of crying and breaking up, Rachel tells Lee that she can’t be in a relationship with him and Elle and breaks up with him. Another highlight: The part where they show a scene from the previous movie where Elle asks Lee what he would do if he didn’t like Rachel.

He replies that he would leave her, and luckily Elle tells him that was the problem. I would like to emphasize this. But getting this out, I’d like to talk about Noah Flynn’s change. Despite all the prognosis of a womanizer and that throughout the tape they make us believe that he cheated on Elle with Chloe, he really changed and seriously fell in love with the first. Chloe was really just a friend.

And it was nice that he had her since he confesses that going to Harvard he felt really lonely and she was nice to him by showing him around the university and introducing him to his group of friends. I saw many people on the networks falling in love with him and saying that he was the ideal, but either he is not my type of guy or I really have to see her again.

He is the typical egocentric but has a good heart, Elle’s suitor and the third in discord in the relationship with Noah. I must admit I was surprised that Elle was the one to kiss him, and I felt bad for Noah who had come to support her and had to see that.

But in spite of everything, he had good moments. She supports and encourages him. In one of the final scenes, he cheers up and after thinking about it for a bit, he goes to this boy and kisses him. Of course everyone shouts and applauds his attitude, even his friends. It is a moment that I consider very beautiful and redeemable from the film.

The second one felt a bit heavy, like it never ended, since it lasts 2 hours. A few days after the sequel was released, Netflix announced the confirmation of the third with the original cast returning to make the trilogy.