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With the premiere of the second part of the thriller, Expósito’s has only grown and they want to know more, who is the Marquess of Elite?

Ester Expósito, the Marquesita de Elite, confirmed her relationship with the Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer. by Fernanda Rehbein.

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Her role as Carla Rosón, a rich and posh young woman nicknamed the Marquesita, in the Netflix series Elite has catapulted her to fame.

After the events of the third season of the Netflix series, ‘La Marquesita’ decides to take a plane to London to start a new life.

Does Ester Expósito return to Elite? The last goodbye of his character

After the premiere of the fourth season of "Elite", Ester Expósito said goodbye to her character Carla with a message in which she thanked the.

The Baddest Signs

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But have you ever wondered why they call her the Marquesita?. It turns out that the character of Carla Rosón Caleruega is nothing less than the heiress of the Marquis of Caleruega and the wine cellar with the same name. On March 13, the third season of the famous Netflix series premiered: Elite. Marquesita is the diminutive of marquise, noble title. May refer to a young heir to such a title.

Also, in Spanish, it is marquesita, little princess,.. Taco-shaped crepe stuffed with ball cheese and jam, chocolate, cajeta or condensed milk. Oxycodone, or also known as the drug of the elite — CCAdicciones. Before that happens, the young man, who was on a motorcycle, is hit by a car and left abandoned. He is the WORST character of Elite because he killed Marina, he confessed it to his friend Ander putting him in a difficult situation and on the verge of despair he also thought of hurting him.

Eventually, Polo accidentally kills her when he attempts to blackmail Carla’s father and his own father with incriminating evidence linking them to the collapse of San Esteban.

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