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The Mask: Cameron Diaz Almost Didn’t Star in Jim Carrey’s Movie

A bored bank clerk finds a mask representing Loki, a god of mischief and mischief, which will completely transform him.

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Cameron Diaz (Photo: Getty) jumped in when he landed a spot in the hit The Mask as Jim Carrey’s counterpart.

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Cameron Michelle Diaz (b. San Diego, California; August 30) is a film actress in the decade for her roles in films such as The Mask .

The Mask (original title: The Mask) is an American comedy and fantasy film It also consecrated the career of Cameron Diaz.

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Cameron Diaz: the former actress shows that despite the passage of time she continues to maintain her beauty and her attractive personality.

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The Mask – Tina Enters Scène (Scène Culte)