The Most Jealous Signs


Jealousy is usually one of the big problems when it comes to being in a relationship. Here are the signs of the zodiac more.

Dec – Do you want to know how each zodiac sign reacts when jealous?? ✓ Which of them is more jealous and possessive when in a relationship??

Dec – Do you want to know how each zodiac sign reacts when jealous?? ✓ Which of them is more jealous and possessive when in a relationship??

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The zodiac signs have a lot to share with you. Each sign has a different talent. Some signs can be more attractive than others.

The most jealous zodiac signs in love – Opinion

Controlling, suffocating, possessive and jealous, this is how these zodiac signs are according to Eastern astrology.

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His jealousy is not usually generated if there is no real reason, they come to the surface when he is certain that something is not right. Once you lose their trust it’s very hard to get it back. He is a dreamer and for this reason he is usually imaginative, when he feels jealous, a movie is made in his head. You can get involved in your suspicions even if they are part of your imagination, making it difficult to make you understand reality. If his suspicions become true, he adopts an attitude of guilt, feeling responsible for the actions of his partner.

In matters of love, Aries is passionate, being able to give himself completely to his partner. In a situation of jealousy, this sign tries to make sure that no one notices their attitudes. However, it becomes impatient and intense when it comes to this feeling, being considered a possessive sign.

If you think someone is a risk to your relationship, you go to great lengths to push them away completely. TAURUS This sign is usually reliable and has a good heart, however, it is characterized by being a possessive sign. He is direct but distrustful, and when it comes to infidelity, it is very difficult for him to forgive. Your senses are activated when you observe unusual behavior in your partner, be it from a glance to a simple greeting.

They go out of their way to find out what’s going on, to the point of obsessing without letting anything slip. For this sign, a partner that generates jealousy is not the best option, because they do not like to feel insecure. On very few occasions does he feel jealous, since he is a very self-confident being. When you experience this feeling, you examine the situation and come to understand that it is just part of an insecurity slip.

Has high self-esteem and recognizes their own worth. By giving a second chance, over time, you can lose interest in your partner. It is a sign that has a great imaginary governed by fantasy, and this usually plays in favor of jealousy. This sign places your partner at the center of your life, you can forgive out of love, but an infidelity would make you suffer a lot. LEO Kindness, affection and sincerity are part of your being. Betrayal is your worst enemy, if your partner’s loyalty is betrayed, it will hurt you greatly.

LIBRA It is a peaceful and independent sign that likes to feel free, and wants its partner to feel the same. Very rarely does he feel jealous since he tends to be very understanding. Likewise, it is he who usually generates this feeling in his partners, because he can be quite flirtatious.

On some occasions and if you give him reasons, jealousy can make his anger come out. It is usually a very insecure and distrustful sign of himself, this gives rise to feeling jealous. Virgo does not show his jealousy, much less recognize it. For this sign, jealousy can be understood as a synonym for love. Sometimes he often uses this feeling as a way to arouse interest in his partner.

Playing like this with jealousy and flirting to boost and reinforce the feelings they have towards their lovers. Also, this sign can be able to forgive and forget. On the other hand, being a sign represented by fire tends to be explosive. In a fit of jealousy, he can become very angry.

In matters of jealousy, always seek to clarify what is happening, resorting to asking for explanations to clear up doubts. Aquarius is usually able to forgive as long as they consider that their partner deserves it. This sign seeks to occupy its mind in different activities so as not to give room to imagination and jealousy. As we have seen, each sign can have quite particular reactions to jealousy. Unlike the three less jealous and worried signs that they are, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Virgo.

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