The Most Unfaithful Sign

Are All Virgo Men Unfaithful??

# Which sign is more unfaithful? See more episodes. Mar 21 • 23 mins; podcast. How to find out if your partner is cheating on you.

Which sign is more prone to infidelity and with whom? The horoscope helps you to know the most unfaithful according to the zodiac and with whom.

For example, in a general way we can say that being unfaithful is not difficult for a Libran; Sagittarius goes from one infidelity to another and, in the.

Despite the fact that some signs are more famous for being unfaithful than others, all zodiac natives are prone to cheating on their partner if they don’t feel like it.

What is the most unfaithful sign of the zodiac? | horoscope 10

Aries. We start with the most unfaithful of all, they are predators by nature, because since they were little they have a magnetism that attracts all the looks of the girls.

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They need someone to communicate with. They need a partner who is mentally stimulating and tactful. A Virgo man decides to enroll in a class. The two have similar interests and talk for hours. Of course, this is only one possible scenario, but Communicative Mercury can exert this influence in a number of situations.

The Sixth House Virgo’s domain on the horoscope wheel is the sixth house; The home of work, service, health and fitness matters and daily activities. The barista who sells you your morning coffee. Virgo men are rescuers Virgo men go wild for a damsel in distress.

These guys seem to gravitate toward women who have been through tough times, women they can comfort, advise, and help get back on their feet. So, in any of the above scenarios, if the Virgo man senses that a woman has a problem, or talks to him on an intimate level asking for help and advice, one has a surefire recipe for infidelity. Virgo needs to be needed to feel valuable. Virgo men and guilt Virgos are perfectionists, who are hard on themselves, like things that should be done well, and feel guilty by nature.

Even if they are unhappy, they have a hard time being unfaithful. Planetary placements If Virgo men only had Virgo in their natal charts, it is very unlikely that they would be unfaithful. However, like all of them, they are a combination of many occurrences and other planetary locations are also relevant.

Alternatively, having the Moon, Venus, or Mars in an Earth or Water sign can be an indication of fidelity. Saturn, among other things, gives "weight" to commitments. This does not mean that a successful relationship is impossible; it just means it can take a little extra work.

Putting it all together Going back to the original question about Virgo men and infidelity: such a generalization cannot be determined with the Virgo sun sign alone. With such an important topic, it is best to see a professional astrologer who will consider interpreting the entire birth chart of the man in question.

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