The Most Violent Signs

ARIES. you might be interested.

As expected, Aries is the most violent sign of all, because as their zodiac indicates, they literally represent war.

TAURUS. Normally those born under this.

There are signs that react more aggressively than others. Know what they are · Aries. It has the reputation of being the most impulsive sign of the Zodiac.

The most violent signs of the zodiac. The most dangerous people by horoscope.

Boxing is considered a violent sport, but in our daily lives we can be violent people without practicing any sport of · Aries: It is the.

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The FBI’s interest in the secrets of astronomy and the influence of the planets on human recklessness is proof of this. Earlier this year, representatives of the Federal Service published statistics on the relationship of date-of-birth secrets to serial murders. Despite the instability of the characters, these people are less dangerous to society than other zodiac signs.

Sometimes it’s a pretty cruel game, especially if it touches your ego or your loved ones. The eleventh place is occupied by people who were born under the sign of Aquarius. Surely, due to inner harmony and concern for justice with the world, they are not capable of brutal murder. We are talking about a peace-loving people that either hides their crimes well or does not allow them at all.

Logically, the representatives of the zodiac, which occupies the tenth place in the ranking, are dangerous "predators". Only Virgos and Pisces are capable of this. However, it should not be forgotten that a person is a conflictive person.

Libra is peaceful and kind. The ninth place is taken by calm, peaceful and honest people born under the sign of balance and equilibrium. They prefer to spend hours thinking about how to find themselves in life than to take revenge on the enemy. They can easily hurt, but not kill. They are not prone to unreasonable cruelty.

They don’t really like crime. Even in difficult situations, they look for a way to solve the problem peacefully. And this must be taken into account. And this is sarcasm In fact, the people who represent this watermark are extraordinary and cruel. Among the fish, there are many hidden maniacs and probable murderers. We are talking about extraordinary people. Consequently, there are sometimes exceptions to fear. However, this should not surprise anyone, because the anger of people born under this sign is never hidden.

They are often threatening and there is some truth in their words. Given the secrets of the date of birth, it is worth noting that these people value loyalty, honesty and kindness. If you do not have these qualities, it is better not to start communicating. Taurus are dangerous adventurers. Vedic literature and Eastern esotericism assure that Taurus is capable of analytical thinking and managing finances.

If you are faced with a not too honest and kind representative of the indicated zodiac, beware of financial fraud, affairs and betrayal. Sagittarius represents the underworld. The first three are opened by Sagittarius, who loves a luxurious life. These include legendary maniacs, tyrants, and kings of the underworld like Pablo Escobar, Stalin, and Ted Bundy.

Girls and boys born in November are capable not only of murder, but also of sadism. Due to anger, they can kill a person. Unlike Taurus, his crimes are caused by an excess of emotions and an inability to behave calmly. Those people just can’t be pissed off. Find out if you have talent to study astrology. The US FBI has revealed the dates of birth of serial killers.

The most damage they can do is crush a person with their talk. Aquarius Aquarius cares about justice and has a strong ego. This is the second least dangerous sign of the zodiac. Leos strive to avoid any kind of trouble. Libras tend to become violent if you try to take advantage of their good intentions. Virgo Among Virgos, there are usually very intelligent psychopaths and murderers.

Given their addiction, Pisces often commit crimes. Capricorn Among all the zodiac signs, Capricorns are the average serial killer. Although they respect the rules and laws, in their rage they show the worst. They rarely kill, but once they do, it’s hard to stop them. Aries People born under the sign of Aries are known for their rebellious temperament. Taurus Taurus anger can be intense.

Scorpio People of this sign are true psychopaths. Scorpios often become professional spies and mercenaries. Most serial killers were born in November. Incredible facts Much has been said about the typical characteristics of the signs of the zodiac.

But it’s time to talk about real statistics. Also read: The worst qualities of the zodiac signs. Aries are usually armed to the teeth, but Leos are very dangerous. On the other hand, Geminis are more often caught cheating, and Aquarius is more likely to commit revenge crimes. Pisces and Scorpio have an uncontrollable disposition.

Aquarius Aquarius cares about justice and has a strong ego that is difficult to crush. Leo Lions are actually big cats and they try to avoid any kind of trouble. Libra Libras are considered kind, fair and patient. Libras tend to become violent if you try to abuse their good intentions.

Given their addictions, Pisces often commit extraordinary murders. Capricorn Among all zodiac signs, Capricorns are the average serial killer who kills the most people. They don’t usually kill, but once they do, it’s hard to stop them.

Scorpio People of this sign are true psychopaths. For the most part, people of this sign kill others out of jealousy, envy, or emotional instability. They kill with special passion and leave distinctive marks on the victim’s body. It is known that each zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements: Air, Water, Fire or Earth. Air signs include Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. Fire signs They are considered Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. The signs of the zodiac and the underworld Among the fire signs, criminals are most often born under the sign of Sagittarius.

These people are cunning and resourceful, so they are quite difficult to catch. Of all the signs subservient to the elements of air, Libra commits the most crimes: its contrast is danger and weaponry. Twins are often caught cheating. Most Aquarians become criminals due to their desire for revenge.

Gun lovers are usually Virgos. Among Capricorns, there are criminals of all kinds and stripes. These people are distinguished by appalling cruelty. Scorpio and Pisces are aggressive and often uncontrollable. Geminis don’t tend to take other people seriously enough to get blood on their hands. The ego of the people of this sign is so strong and impenetrable that it is unlikely that you will be able to suppress it.

Aquarians are some of the least dangerous people. It is possible that they are simply too smart and therefore calculate their actions so as not to fall into the clutches of justice. Leos are peaceful enough and therefore try to avoid all kinds of trouble.

Libra cruelty can be aroused if used for selfish ends. Virgo Virgo criminals often turn out to be clever and careful killers, or just plain psychopaths. Fish Despite the fact that Pisces may seem completely harmless and silent, statistics say that many serial killers were born under this sign. And if you consider that people of this sign are prone to all kinds of addictions, it is not surprising that it is Pisces who commits many extraordinary murders.

Everyone chooses the dark side or the light side for themselves. This is the basis of free will. The planet Mars is responsible for the listed qualities. This zodiac sign is also under the auspices of the planet Mars. In their normal state, Scorpios are calm and welcoming. Some might consider them naive. But not everyone knows that under the guise of calm, real hurricanes of strong emotions periodically develop.

Belonging to the Water element indicates the sensitivity of nature. Scorpios are vengeful. Only by cleansing their souls of low passions and unworthy emotions can they open themselves to goodness, peace and love. Every Scorpio has to walk this path.

the most violent signs