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Series: Review Of "The Outsider" (HBO)

A boy’s murder investigation turns dark when a supernatural entity causes the team in charge to question their own beliefs.

Watch The Outsider (HBO) on HBO Max. Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel "The Visitor". The series focuses on the investigation of the.

The Outsider is an American supernatural drama and horror miniseries based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King that premiered on January 12, 2019.

According to Deadline, the decision is surprising, as the showrunner of the series, Richard Price, had been actively developing.

Series: review of "The Outsider" (HBO) – Micropsia

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Share on Tumblr The first "review" I published based on three episodes of this adaptation of a novel by Stephen King I titled it a "miniseries", given that due to the previous material and the story itself, everything suggested that it was a project with beginning and end. Let’s forget that for a moment and go back to the series. From the outset it was known that it was going to be a complicated combo: the realism of the "black police" school of people like Richard Price and Dennis Lehane with a plot whose central character is an entity called "El Cuco" and that is pure school Stephen King.

it turned out, yes. And I think that because the plot of the series itself, I suppose that the book too, although I did not read it, brought into play those opposing readings about the possibilities of reality. A large part of the series was dedicated to the man, little by little, being able to convince himself that inexplicable, supernatural things can happen, that are beyond logic. He is the Richard Price of history, if you will.

On the other hand there was Holly. One, surprisingly violent and with a high degree of victims. It was a strong closing from the impact and the tension but for me it was the least interesting part of the ending. Those who were saved, content and happy bah, depending on the losses, they return to their homes or wherever the characters go when fiction does not exist. Let’s say, they are going to wait for the sequel.

In this case it was not like that and it has to do with the series’ own "bipolar" logic. And it was obvious that no one could explain what really happened because that kind of thing only happens in universes where there is "the bogeyman", "the man with the bag" or "the boogeyman".

That closing part of THE OUTSIDER was relatively new and clever to me, the idea that everyone involved has to agree to find some logical answer to something that clearly doesn’t. Nobody could suppose that a series whose villain is "El Cuco" can be taken really seriously as a police.

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