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Cecilia Krull: "I Wrote The Song For ‘La Casa De Papel’ Thinking About How Lost Tokyo Was"

The paper house 5: "Grândola, Vila Morena" the final song of Tokyo. The first part of the fifth season has already arrived on Netflix and the fans.

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The songs of «La casa de papel 4» From Berlin’s ‘Ti amo’ to Alicia Sierra/Najwa Nimri’s ‘Bella Ciao’, Van Morrison’s ‘Days Like This’, a double step.

All the songs from the 4th season of ‘La casa de papel’ · Chapter 1: Ti amo – Umberto Tozzi. I’m loving you madly – Las Grecas.

La Casa de Papel: The 10 best songs of the series (and the 5 brightest of the fourth season) · My life is going on (Cecilia Krull).

The voice of this woman from Madrid has traveled the world with My life is going on, the soundtrack of the series. Passionate about jazz and artist.

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WhatsApp Today is not an ordinary day for millions of people around the world. The following is a modest selection of the ten best songs of La Casa de Papel. For the song that serves as the header for each episode of La Casa de Papel. It is sung by Cecilia Krull, born in Madrid, for whom appearing in the series has changed her life.

and for good. Timebomb Zone The Prodigy A good tribute to Keith Flint, the singer of The Prodigy who passed away last summer, is that one of his few instrumentals, the vibrant Timebomb Zone, appears at a key moment in the series.

The title, speaking of bombs, comes very to the point. There is room for other types of stories and for this immortal hit by the Scots Belle and Sebastian. This Rocks is not even painted for the series that was first from Atresmedia and after Netflix. Lonely Boy Black Keys Now, if we’re talking about rhythm, nothing in recent times like this lonely boy from the Black Keys, probably the best Y song in the video, what can we say that hasn’t already been said.

For a head Carlos Gardel But let’s lower the piston, although in no way do we do the same with quality. Be my Baby The Ronettes Fast forward a little, but not too much. With numerous hits behind him, none like this Be my Baby, composed by the legendary Phil Spector.

The six boys who began playing twenty years ago at Tres Cantos have become, with their four albums and massive concerts, an indisputable reference. And it remains clear how important the producers of La Casa de Papel give to the musical setting. The following is a selection, completely subjective of course, of the best songs that appear during the hectic robbery of the Bank of Spain.

Whoever had the brilliant idea to introduce one of the best songs written in the nineties, deserves an outstanding. An unfading one is this Permanent Gravità Center, which was composed by the mythical Franco Battiato in The particular version of the historic work of the singer from Riposto does justice to the original. Delicate Damien Rice Something very big happens in the future of the fourth season of La Casa de Papel, when, suddenly, this captivating song by the Irishman Damien Rice is played.