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Where to Buy Among Us PC?

What are pets in Among Us? These can be obtained by buying them, as they usually serve as outfits that accompany the characters and.

Read PETS from the story AMONG US by DAIANA (Daiana) with reads. amongus, data, curiosities. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE "IMPOSTOR" KILL A.

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Pack of 8 Pets from Among Us, most of them have a small ring so that apart from being a toy they can also be used as a keychain. – alien meatball.

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How to get skins and pets in Among Us? – MovilApp

Pet (Among Us). $ Choose the pet and accomplice of your crew member or impostor and embark on an adventure to complete your objectives and get out.


Apart from its excellent plot, which is capable of enveloping you, this game has a set of elements to customize it. We talk about skins and pets. These items are highly appreciated by players as they allow players to add a different touch to their character. For many, having all the skins and pets of Among Us is just a dream, for all of them we have a surprise. In these paid options you have access to a wide set of skins and pets.

As a warning, it is necessary to clarify that some of these extras may not be synchronized. In this way, it is possible to find various alternatives. Among the main ones we have: Get skins and pets in Google Play Store and Apple Store Among the main ways to get paid skins and pets in Among Us we have to mention first of all the stores for Android and iOS.

In the case of pets, their price is usually around 3 dollars. Get Among Us skins and pets from your computer For those who prefer to play Among Us from their computer, be it a desktop PC or a laptop, we have good news for you: the skins are free. In fact, there are several tricks to get seasonal or seasonal skins. For example, if you want to add accessories for holidays like Easter, simply set the date and your time zone and you’re done.

But in reality this does greatly influence the gaming experience.

What happens to your pets when you die? – Among Us