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Hard-working and ambitious, Tiana dreams of opening the finest restaurant in New Orleans. Her dream takes a bit of a detour when she meets Prince Naveen, who has been transformed into an amphibian by Dr. Facilitator. Mistaking her for a princess.

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The Princess and the Frog (The princess and the frog in Latin America and Tiana and the frog in Spain) is an animated film by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

But after kissing a frog claiming to be a prince who was transformed by an evil wizard, in an unexpected twist Tiana turns into a frog.

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the Frog (known as Tiana y el Sapo in Spain and La Princesa y el Sapo) On that occasion the characters from the film were presented, including.

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But don’t forget, Tiana. this is also. Tiana Anika Noni Rose has never dreamed of the handsome Prince Charming or being rescued from a tower, much less becoming a princess. Those dreams have always been for her best friend Charlotte Jennifer Cody.

Instead, she wishes to fulfill her late father Terrence Howard’s goal of opening his own restaurant. But at the same time, her parents have allowed her to believe in the magic of good wishes. This time, things didn’t work out and when they kiss, Tiana also turns into a frog. From this point on, both characters go on an adventure to find a way to get rid of the Shadow Man’s curse.

Over the course of the journey, Naveen and Tiana learn valuable lessons, as endearing characters join them. Bring together people of all conditions. It warms them up and puts a smile on their face. had love. And that is what I wish you, sweetheart, that you meet your Prince Charming and that they dance together happily ever after.".

Dr says. My girlfriend is Evangeline‚Ķ. I talk to Evangeline almost every night. She’s a little shy. doesn’t talk much. But I had what I needed. Tiana says to Dr. Share this:.