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Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Douglas Johnson known as "The Rock" or "The Rock" is an American professional wrestler and actor.He served as a professional wrestler for WWE until his official retirement in , in order to focus on his.

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Today Dwayne Johnson weighs pounds, or what is the same, kilos. And yes, it’s all muscle spread over 1.96 meters tall.

Another photo that shows that the rock is not that tall, at least currently, is his photo with Shaq and Barkley. Barkley average cm in peak and the same.

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Dwayne Douglas Johnson (Hayward, California, May 2, ) known as "La Roca" or "The Rock" is an actor and professional wrestler.

How tall is The Rock? –

Height of Dwayne Johnson The Rock ; Evolution of height, 6ft 3 (1m91) 6ft (1m90) 6ft (1m89) ; Country of birth, States.

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The Rock goes to the gym every day for a few minutes and performs sets of 12 repetitions of a wide variety of exercises. The Rock trains between 1 hour and 30 minutes, up to 1 hour and 45 minutes and makes a muscular part of his body every day.

Johnson dedicates each of his days to his physique. Your diet consists of a lot of protein. Beef, eggs, fish, chicken, vegetables, rice. All in large quantities to boost your body volume and respond to the wear and tear that your training implies. The Rock always seeks to be the best and does not give up for something less than that. The third thing is that he is a very entertaining person, his personality has a lot to do with his success, especially in the movies.

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have a good diet.