The Sign Of December

Ophiuchus, The 13th Sign Of The Zodiac

This morning the Moon entered Taurus and this condemns all the signs of the zodiac to a more earthly look at everything.

The arson attack that killed 25 people in Osaka was a top news story in Japan in December

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It will occur on December 21 under the sign of Aquarius. The conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn: the.

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Horoscope for this Friday, December 10: check your zodiac sign and let everything flow and decide on its own. Published. 1 month ago. the. December 9

Horoscope for Friday December 10 for all signs

The Ophiuchus, the forgotten sign, would correspond to those born between November 30 and December 17.

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Let everything flow and settle on its own. Horoscope for Friday, December 10 for all Aries signs It is possible that you have to give up something or someone you admired disappoints you. When situations get out of control, it is best to accept. Remember that no one is born knowing. Trust your guides or teachers. Photo from Freepik. open your eyes wide. Take the opportunity to accept your vulnerability and to locate yourself where you feel safe. From time to time you need to forget about worries and seek the company of positive people.

If you have money, treat yourself. Enjoy this moment of inspiration. And read also:.

How are those BORN on December 1?