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José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma" Clarified Whether or Not He Was at a Pablo Escobar Party

During a photograph between the artists, the Venezuelan singer José Luis Rodríguez referred to the reggaeton artist with another name.

José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” labels the “dictators” of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela as “criminals”. The singer cataloged socialism.

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Jorge Luis Rodríguez, better known as ‘El Puma’, is one of the most famous Venezuelan singers in the history of that country. The interpreter of.

MIAMI (April 15, ) – Iconic Venezuelan singer-songwriter Jose Luis Rodríguez, better known as El Puma, launches on the day of.

José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma" clarified whether or not he was at a Pablo Escobar party

José Luis Rodríguez, also better known as "The Puma", is a Venezuelan singer, actor, businessman and producer. He was born in the Holy Parish.

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In the exclusive interview, the Venezuelan artist tells how the process was to sing again after the delicate lung transplant surgery to which he underwent. So clothes, not much The escape is the evasion of Don Francisco: I know you wrote the book What to live for and you wrote it after receiving this transplant.

But I always had confidence that that was not going to happen. no not pass it. You had an impressive faith that I would come back from the dead. So you waited patiently and then you did after the operation, that other talk show that was really a boost to my faith. Interviews, spend it with the old lungs and with the new lungs. In other words, I was missing things and everything, I’m missing things that are, I reserve them.

But those things, if God allows me, well, I am doing them with this pause of this pandemic, because the world on earth is going to continue to revolve around the sun, that is, we are going to continue fulfilling our goals. Don Francisco: Now, when I see you after the operation, recovery is difficult. I notice that you hardly spoke, but day by day you are changing. Jose Luis Rodriguez, "The Puma": My dear Mario, when I woke up and felt that I did not need the oxygen, it was such a wonderful thing. Although I was intubated, I felt something So I could breathe without that device because I felt free even though I was tied to a bed, I was in a tube and I just opened my eyes and thanked God because I was breathing without oxygen auxiliary, that is wonderful, that is to live again, that is to give thanks to God.

Jose Luis Rodriguez, "The Puma": That did feel like it was far away and it was difficult, I could barely articulate my voice, it was a very thin voice and it was really hard for me to start from scratch. It’s like learning to walk again, like learning to talk again.

I know that Dr. Brozzi is not going to tell us who the donor is, if it is a woman or that man, if it is young, if it is an adult. The specialist details how the doctors were surprised with the speedy recovery of the also actor, businessman and producer.

At that age I do not dare to give you statistics, because maybe in another part of the world where I have not arrived or there is another person, but, but there must be very few in the world. I can tell you that in less than five that I know in person there are three. Nobody who has returned to sing professionally like José Luis. many people spoke to you. I don’t know if I can ask you this question, but I do. I was told that a very well-known singer, in a very private way, approached your bed. Luis Miguel, just to shake your hand and squeeze your hand.

Ricardo Montaner and Marlene were the first on the fourth day. They were sitting and they surprised me. But that surprise visit that made my spirit very happy because I wanted to talk to him about 20 years ago and had not been able to. And this. This person, this gentle boy, clothed himself in extraordinary simplicity, extraordinary humility. It was also. found me in that hospital. And it was only with a driver only.

and we were able to talk. We were able to take each other by the hand and we talked about what we had been doing for a long time. I wanted to talk with him and God gave me the privilege of being able to have that conversation. I was afraid. i had so many questions. When you step on stage, even if you’re tired, something revives you. May 16 of No, no Many things together, something that did not happen to me when one was full of faculties.

It is as if one were another person, because that old man with the old lungs was no longer. Rather, this other person is something so, so strange, Mario, that one feels that one has borrowed lungs, that it was another person, then there would be mental confusion. So mentally you have to put your feet on the ground and say well, it’s me, José Luis Rodríguez, the cougar who is going to serve people with, with, with emotion, with the song and take him through different emotional states.

Jose Luis Rodriguez, "The Puma": First, the person who left, who authorized that his organ be a way to prolong the life of another person, of course, I fit in with that person and tell his relatives if perhaps they know that I am the one who has the organs or the lungs of I don’t know, or her daughter, or her son, her husband, I don’t know —that’s what Dr. Brozzi and the team of doctors know—. I would like to know.

I have been transplanted for three years now and I am dying to meet these people who said yes, because the person who leaves the body can authorize their organs to be a donor. But if the family says no, then that person dies.

And thank God that family said yes so that I could be talking to you. Jose Luis Rodriguez, "The Puma": I am infinitely grateful that they have said yes to those, to those lungs so that I can continue seeing. But it is really I have borrowed lungs because someone in a family agreed that I should continue living. This is the first program that I have just turned 80 years old. It is a new opportunity for me to be able to address people, to be able to communicate with people, to be able to talk to the doctor, to be able to deliver this information to people.

For me it is very important. Nicholas Brozzi: Well, thank you for the opportunity to participate and to collaborate. I would like to add to what they commented, this is true, the importance of donating and as José Luis well says, the families that evidently in the pain that losing a loved one implies and find the greatness of spirit to bring this opportunity of life to other people that at that moment they do not know is extraordinary.

It is an act of greatness, of extraordinary spirit and on many occasions we see that it helps in some way to overcome the pain of losing that loved one who is leaving. Don Francisco: José Luis, I would like to ask you about your pending dreams. Having complied with the people that I owe something or word, feeling, love, anything else, I do not want to have debts with anyone.

Really. Go calm, in peace with my spirit, with my soul and dream that this is going to happen. That the Earth was created to be inhabited. But there are things that will continue to happen because we believe in that. Well, continue living as long as God foresees me and be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually to take off. Nicholas Brozzi: Look, one is fortunate to be able to fulfill oneself, it is what one chose and that these days is almost a privilege.

Bye thank you. God has given me a beautiful family, beautiful wife and children. And see that many opportunities are generated for. For the new generations to come. Don Francisco: Sure. Well, I also have a pending dream now.

And what is it to do these 10 programs here on CNN and be able to summon all my friends, acquaintances, great professionals to reflect on life, reflect on what we are experiencing in this pandemic. So I thank you for being with me in this first program. Thank you very much Jose Luis. Thanks too Dr.