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“The Society”, The New Netflix Series

A group of teenagers is mysteriously transported to an identical version of their wealthy town. The only difference is that, in the replica, their parents have disappeared, and the teenagers have to create their own society to.

This is what we know about What Would Have Happened in Season 2 of The Society. The cast of Netflix’s ‘The Society’ in a party scene.

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Actors and actresses ; Kathryn Newton. Character: Allie Pressman; Gideon Adlon. Character: Becca Gelb ; Sean Berdy. Character: Sam Eliot; Natasha Liu Bordizzo.

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Netflix’s The Society Review: The Version

Distribution. Kathryn Newton (Allie Pressman) Gideon Adlon (Becca Gelb) Sean Berdy (Sam Eliot) Natasha Liu Bordizzo (Helena Wu) Jacques Colimon (Will LeClair).

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It is a mixture of dystopian mystery or science fiction in which drama is the main ingredient. As I often like to compare with culinary dishes, this one in particular could not be described in any other way than that of a mere trinket. The Society begins with brief introductions of the characters in which nothing goes beyond the merely superficial until after the event that gives rise to the plot of the series has occurred.

Chapters in my opinion too long, which are around 60 minutes, in which most of the footage is about the banal concurrences and love affairs of this select group of characters. There are a few speeches that are truly embarrassing. The acting cast would describe it in general lines as disastrous. She seems to be abstracted at almost all times and her lines of text become embarrassing on many occasions, on too many I would say, making her continually take you out of context.

There is another character that has caused me constant itching and that is the deaf-mute, who reads lips and almost always requires a sign language interpreter to make himself understood, but other times he lets out real ramblings and everyone understands him perfectly. Netflix trinket to watch while you reduce that pile of ironing clothes you have pending. Share this:.

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