The Umbrella Academy Cast

Netflix Reveals Full Cast Of The Umbrella Academy

A dysfunctional family of superheroes comes together to solve the mystery of their father’s death and the threat of the apocalypse.

The cast of ‘The Umbrella Academy 3’ · Justin Cornwell – “Marcus” Sparrow 1 · Justin H. Min – “Ben” Sparrow 2 Britne Oldford – “Fei” Sparrow 3.

The Umbrella Academy (TV series) Jon Dudkowski Timothy A. Good · Amy Duddleston · Wendy Tzeng · Todd Desrosiers · Brian Beal · Amanda Panella · Franklin.

Actors and actresses ; Elliot Character: Vanya Hargreeves ; Aidan Gallagher. Character: Numéro Cinq ; robert sheehan. Character: Klaus Hargreeves; Tom.

The Umbrella Academy: Cast, seasons and everything you need to know

Actors and actresses ; Elliot Character: Vanya Hargreeves ; Tom Hopper. Character: Luther Hargreeves; David Castaneda. Character: Diego Hargreeves; Aidan.

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The Umbrella Academy is one of the most successful series on Netflix.

One of the most successful series on streaming platforms about superheroes is not owned by DC or Marvel. Discover here its origin, cast and everything you need to know for the third season. It should be noted that the company in charge is Dark Horse Comics, the creative publisher of other comic series such as Hellboy, Sincity or The Mask. Heavily influenced by the X-men, The Umbrella Academy’s first season was in September with the first miniseries titled Apocalypse Suit.

On February 15, , Netflix premiered its adaptation thanks to its producer and showrunner Steve Blackman. The first season is based on the two comic book miniseries Apocalypse Suit and Dallas. For those who are looking for a certain fidelity in comics and their series, we inform you that both the illustrator and his writer of the original comic hold positions in the audiovisual series as executive producer and co-producer of the series.

Min and Aidan Gallagher as the superheroes that we will follow throughout the two seasons. Reginald Hargreeves Colt Feore manages to adopt only 7 of those children who turn out to have superhuman powers. Synopsis by season Season 1 Seven children with supernatural powers are adopted by the tycoon Reginald Hargreeves. Season 2 If you haven’t seen the first season, we have a spoiler warning in this synopsis, so we recommend that you watch the series to continue reading this article.

After the time travel made by Number 5 and his brothers, they are thrown into different years, but in the same city: Klaus and Ben in , Allison in , Luther in , Diego in September , Vanya in October , and Numero 5 in November Number 5 arrives right in the third world war, coincidentally in which his brothers participate.

Hazel arrives unexpectedly to save him from nuclear disaster, so she takes Five 10 days before the end of the world to reunite her brothers and prevent war.

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