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Ranking: The 70 Best Series Of All Time You Can Watch On Netflix (January)

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At the end of , the episodes were ready to go into post-production and now fans are just waiting for the announcement.

Fans are thrilled with the story of a group of superhero brothers coming together to solve the mystery of their father’s death.

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The Umbrella Academy: The Mystery About Ben’s Death And What Was The World Like To Care About The Outfit He’s Wearing In.

Ranking: The 70 best series you can watch on Netflix (January)

When Five was preparing the others for the impending apocalypse, he briefly entered his old room looking for a change of heart.

67. aggretsuko

Russian Doll, released in Rating of 7. It’s the night of Nadia Natasha Lyonne’s birthday, a girl who loves parties, alcohol and drugs. Between trouble and various absurd situations, she finds herself involved in a carousel that always leads her to death. He dies and revives several times, always in his best friend’s bathroom. Never have I ever, premiered at Rating of 7. She is the creator of this production that debuted last year with the story of Devi Maitreyi Ramakrishna, an Indian-American girl.

Its second season shows the teenager facing a double love and new challenges at school, in 10 entertaining episodes where the way in which the complications and joys of transition to adulthood are addressed is essential, with the same and perfect mix of comedy. and drama that marked its first cycle.

And another of its key elements is still present: the charisma and talent of its cast, where Ramakrishnan stands out as the impulsive and endearing Devi. Sweet Tooth Sweeth Tooth, premiered at Rating of 7. But he also witnesses another phenomenon happening at that very moment: the birth of children who are half animals. One of them is Gus Christian Convery, who has antlers and deer ears and who, after spending nearly a decade hiding from hunters in a park, sets out to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Sing and Aimee Dania Ramirez , in a story that is as entertaining as it is endearing about friendship, fear of what is different and belonging, and that offers a message that connects with today, where isolation gives way to hope. To release her constant stress, Retsuko sings her sorrows to the beat of death metal at a karaoke bar. Something that sometimes, when the gravity of the moment warrants it, can also be done in the bathroom at work. Paquita conducts her careers with hits and misses.

Glow Glow, premiered at Rating 8. Because Glow, just like Stranger Things did, manages to capture the magic and aesthetics of the time to translate it into a story that makes you travel back in time. The story focuses on Ruth Wilder Alison Brie, an unlucky actress who, after failing every audition she went to, ends up being part of a televised women’s wrestling show: Glow Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

It is there that she meets her new co-workers, a stereotypical group of highly adorable and battle-hardened women. As the story can be a bit confusing at first, in this note we tell you some keys to understand it from start to finish.

Luis Miguel, the series Luis Miguel, the series, premiered in Rating 8. Black Lagoon Black Lagoon, premiered at Rating of 8. Together with this group, Okajima realizes the humiliation in which he has constantly lived by his bosses and the system in which he lives, deciding to join these mercenaries. This is how he meets a very good young woman with the handling of weapons, called Revy.

The premise of its seven chapters is to tour the Big Apple together with her friend, the intellectual Fran Lebowitz. Lebowitz is a loquacious, ironic and especially funny conversationalist. Every two minutes he bursts out laughing and it is enough to see the director of The Irishman, who celebrates all his occurrences, to verify it. simply unmissable.

New Amsterdam New Amsterdam, premiered on It, even though New Amsterdam was neither an original nor a new production. That year they also gave him recognition at the Golden Globes. Dead to me Dead to Me, premiered at Rating of 8. They become best friends, but Judy hides some very important secrets. Entertaining and well acted. The Squid Game The Squid Game, premiered in A deadly competition that is the main arc of the narration of The Squid Game -to which is added a subplot with an undercover policeman-, where violence and death join the drama and very good performances, forming a series for adults that only ratifies the high level reached by k-dramas.

But she realizes that she got there by mistake and starts to hide her bad deeds, while also trying to become a better person. The Kominsky Method The Kominsky Method, premiered at Rating of 8. The story follows Sandy Kominsky Douglas, a famous actor who, after having had a time of glory, dedicates himself to teaching acting classes at his theater academy.

The truth is that it has an undeniable share of drama, which portrays all the problems and fears that can arise after 70 years have passed. Be careful with the guest actors, who are luxury, like Danny DeVito, for example. Led by ex-police officer Rick Grimes, his family and a group of survivors must find a safe place to shelter from the zombie attack, thirsty for fresh meat to feed on.

If you have never seen it, Netflix gives you the chance to update. I am Betty, the ugly Photo: Promotional. There, she occupies the position of secretary to the president of the company, Armando Mendoza Jorge Enrique Abello, with whom she ends up secretly falling in love. While she must deal with teasing and bullying from her officemates, especially from Patricia Lorna Paz, a gossipy secretary with six semesters of finance at San Marino University.

Because it was at that moment that Netflix bought the rights to this Spanish series created by Alex Pina, and originally distributed by Antena 3. Their intention is to be in there for as long as possible to print as many euros as they can, while being helped from the outside by their leader. But after a few hours of confinement, the police led by inspector Raquel Murillo Itziar Ituño, begins to complicate the original plans. A drama full of mystery, action and suspense, which became an international phenomenon and has just come to an end.

Atypical Atypical, premiered in His mother, overwhelmed and apprehensive; his father, scattered and somewhat blunt, and his sister, a foolproof girl who always remains in the background despite her merits. That’s not counting Sam’s friends, partners, and potential girlfriends. Very good performances especially from Jennifer Jason Leigh and a script sprinkled with sweetness, some drama and humor, make Atypical an adorable series. Vis a Vis Vis a Vis, released in Rating of 8.

Macarena looks for a way to survive, while her family tries to raise the money to pay the bail and get her released. They find out that there is a large sum of cash hidden, and so they start a dispute with other criminals, threatening his life on several occasions.

Ozark Ozark, released on Little Orthodox Little Orthodox, released on This is where a path towards female and personal liberation begins that we can see in its four episodes, approximately 50 minutes long, in which it is shown how the young woman decides to break down her barriers , even with a marriage about to materialize. Grace and Frankie Grace and Frankie, premiered at Rating 8. The eight chapters of this Netflix series tell the story of Geralt of Rivia Henry Cavill, a sorcerer, lonely and introverted, who makes a living by annihilating monsters, but whose existence intersects with that of a fugitive princess and that of a magician’s apprentice who changes the focus of her ideals.

It is a blockbuster full of sword battles, family and palace intrigues, and magic. It is perfect for those who love fantasy. Sex Education Sex Education, premiered at Rating 8. He lives together with his mother, the carefree, nosy and lovable Dr. Jean F. Milburn Gillian Anderson, who works as a sex therapist. But, despite living surrounded by manuals, objects and videos on sexuality, Otis has great obstacles with his sexuality at a crucial age in his life.

An addictive story with endearing characters. Kingdom Kingdom, released in On an adventure in which he found some allies, such as his personal guard, Mu-yeong Kim Sang-ho; former soldier and expert warrior Yeong-shin Kim Sung-kyu; the fearful magistrate Cho Beom-pal Jeon Seok-ho, and the brave doctor Seo-bi Bae Doona.

Waiting for its third season, Netflix premiered a special chapter, Kingdom: Northern Ashin, focused on the mysterious character that closed its second cycle, which would be related to the plague that affected Joseon.

Things to clean Things to clean, premiered in Over the course of 10 chapters, this chronicle about abuse, poverty and hope, which is faced here by a young mother from the United States, unfolds. What makes it an overwhelming and current series, where Margaret Qualley stands out. Distinct personalities who struggle to do their jobs and get along and all have different goals, whether it’s professional success, being happy in love or being taken seriously.

Vikingos Vikings, premiered in Although of course, in favor of the series’ rhythm, Hirst also takes licenses when telling the story. And eye that achieves a perfect balance between fiction and reality and between action and drama. Stranger Stranger, released on Yes, Doona Bae, the South Korean actress from the hit Netflix series.

In Stranger, the actress plays Han YeoJin, a brave policewoman, who teams up with the cold and lonely prosecutor, Hwang Shi-Mok Cho Seung Woo, to investigate a series of mysterious murders. A suspenseful drama worthy of a marathon.

Queer Eye Queer eye, premiered in It’s true, the participants end up seeing each other like never before. Their houses and offices needless to say. We can start by how these guys are related: Bobby Berk; interior designer, Karamo Brown, cultural expert; Tan France, in charge of styling; Jonathan Van Ness stylist, and a gorgeous Antoni Porowski in the kitchen.

Pablo Escobar: the patron saint of evil Pablo Escobar: the patron saint of evil, premiered in We even see Escobar Andrés Parra’s passage through politics, since to carry out his plans he needed absolute power. Already in Congress, his true intentions are uncovered and he declares war on the State, the ruling class and all of Colombia. The action begins here. Again we alert the cardiac.

The replacement The Replacement, premiered in Pushed by his father and brother, who are dedicated to teaching, decides to rethink life and take classes in a school with low-income students. Inconceivable Inconceivable, premiered in An unmissable series that does not let you go for a moment.