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The Umbrella Academy: The Cult Of Klaus Season 3

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Klaus Hargreeves is The Umbrella Academy’s favorite brother; both in the comic and in the series we love this character.

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After her death, Ben decides to stay with Klaus instead of going into the light and has been trapped ever since. In season 2 they could be seen.

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The Umbrella Academy: Why Ben’s Ghost Ages?

The Umbrella Academy prepares several important scenarios for its third season, one of them has to do with the cult of Klaus.

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Ben Hargreeves has a fundamental role in the second season of the Netflix series, but his character has raised questions from viewers. Attention: this note contains spoilers about the second season of The Umbrella Academy. However, in one of the final episodes of this season, the series goes back to the day of his funeral. There we see a 16-year-old Ben who appears before Klaus for the first time since his death, beginning a very funny and special relationship between the two.

Now, that young Ben -played by Ethan Hwang- is not the same one who accompanies Klaus in the present of the story -played by Justin H. The goal of the young man, unlike other dead who seek revenge, is the same as that of his brothers: save the world. However, Ben dies before he can do it.

Therefore, he must grow up and age for when the time comes to stop the apocalypse. In the first, he manifests himself through Klaus and eliminates several assassins so that his brothers can escape from the first apocalypse —the one of And now, in this new part of the story that takes place in , he helps Vanya to control her powers to avoid a nuclear war.