The Umbrella Academy Luther

The Umbrella Academy: Why Luther’s Powers Evolved

Luther Hargreeves also known as Number 1 is one of 43 boys and girls born on October 1, to a mother with no previous signs of.

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Includes transparent acrylic protective box. Funko Pop! TV: Umbrella Academy – Luther Hargreeves. Questions and answers. No one has asked questions yet.

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Luther Hargreeves or Number One is the first of seven children adopted into the Umbrella Academy. He has exceptional strength, which is his power.

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One of those seven young people with powers is Luther -Tom Hopper- also known as Spaceboy or Number One. Luther is kind of a big brother.

The Umbrella Academy: The Reason Luther’s Powers Evolved

In The Umbrella Academy, Luther Hargreeves (Tom Hopper), better known as Spaceboy, is the leader of the team of superpowered kids from.

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Umbrella Academy – In Defense Of Luther