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But hey, these characters are pure introspection compared to supporting roles played by actors on Edgar’s level.

who killed ellen? We already have all the answers about ‘The Undoing’, the HBO series with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.

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Another of its great values: the cast. The cast also includes Edgar Ramirez (‘American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace’).

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With four Golden Globe nominations, including best miniseries, best actress, best actor and best supporting actor, The.

HBO’s The Undoing: Series Review

Original title. The Undoing. dubbing studio. SDI Average of Mexico. Dubbing Direction Cast. Character, Original Actor, Voice Actor.

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Mar Pons An ambivalent psychological thriller. The undoing promises but does not deliver, and yet hooks despite the disappointment. There are many reasons why someone can decide to look at The undoing.

If there are many reasons, there are also many disappointments. He also likes, from time to time, to see the great faces of spectacular cinema come down to the small screen Sutherland at 85 years old. The characters remain on the surface, poisoned but surface, and clear motivations for their actions and reactions are lacking. In particular, Nicole Kidman, who is also a producer of the series, walks through the film trying to convince with her close-ups instead of with solid arguments, and that also takes its toll.

And the result is that we don’t care about the death of Elena Alves, nor her destroyed family, we even want the murderer not to be discovered simply because our capacity for empathy is not found with the Alves.

The undoing falls short of what it promises and does not tell a plausible story. Signature: Mar Pons.