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Taurus Is The Worst Zodiac Sign. The Worst Zodiac Sign According to Astrologers

The crab is of deep emotions and needs security above all things. Together with Virgo and Taurus, two earth signs, they reach the.

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A trend on Twitter claims that a zodiac sign is responsible for the worst relationships.

What is the best sign of the zodiac? It is undoubtedly one of the most commented topics among believers in the astrological world.

The signs of the zodiac are responsible for this, and we will tell you the worst characteristics of each of them. ARIES. If you met Aries on the way.

Taurus is the worst zodiac sign. The worst zodiac sign according to astrologers

There is a sign with which Leo shares his perfectionist personality, it is Virgo; the problem is that they are always ready to.

A trend on Twitter claims that a zodiac sign is responsible for the worst relationships

Taurus is the worst sign of the zodiac. The signs of the zodiac are responsible for this, and we will tell you the worst characteristics of each of them. It’s been known for a long time about Aries that they go through any wall with their forehead, well, that’s right, the head was not created to think with it, you need to eat it. By the way, about food. Aries know that they are naive and like to pretend to be gourmets and connoisseurs of all kinds of delicacies.

The same applies to fashion, art, film and theater performances. In love, Aries looks like a natural disaster. TAURUS The fact that Taurus is never in a hurry with conclusions is clear to many after the first few minutes of communication.

But this is just an appearance. A Taurus may sleep with their eyes open during a conversation or make off-color comments. And all because the topic does not interest him, that is, it does not directly concern him personally. By the way, about the soul and matter: Taurus are terrible materialists. And selflessly loves money. How selfless, anyone trying to do business with Taurus can be convinced.

TWINS The fact that Gemini is a well-known talker and "dusty" of the brain is not known only to the lazy or those who have not encountered them in life. Irony, in his understanding, is quite a specific humor intended to mark absent friends and acquaintances. The advice "Sometimes it’s better to chew than talk" was definitely created by someone who suffered from Gemini talkativeness.

It can surprise especially in the sphere of love. They may ignore something really rude about themselves and get offended by an innocent comment. So that’s all about him. In order to subordinate a loved one or a friend to his will, Lviv uses everything: threats, breaking dishes and furniture. To say that Leos in love cover themselves with the blanket is to say nothing.

In career matters, Virgo’s disinterested gaze regularly fools the vigilance of competitors. As they run, like a pair of squirrels on a wheel, it somehow turns out imperceptibly that it is Virgo who becomes the boss. Every once in a while he finds a verse about Dev, and they suddenly become kind and generous, but, as a rule, they don’t last long. Virgos are savers of horror, and with great difficulty they part with both money and spiritual energy.

So it’s best to keep it that way. A special annoyance threatens lovers who are seduced by the sexy appearance of Libra. Anyone who has seriously fallen in love with Libra should know that they are also merchants, so a marriage of convenience for them is not a rarity, but a rule.

Most likely, by the Scorpions themselves. As a slow and steady sign, Scorpios are slow to develop relationships. The fire in them burns slowly, but just as slowly and goes out. And at work and at home, Scorpios only do what they themselves see fit. Concerns about their daily bread and everyday life often fall on the shoulders of Scorpio spouses, therefore it is better to connect their life only with Scorpions – princes or hereditary oligarchs.

Sagittarius is a typical shoemaker without boots, this is the case when the fat man teaches how to lose weight, the poor man teaches how to get rich and the childless man teaches how to raise children. The riddle is that, as a rule, he successfully teaches. Possessing the same sick conceit, Sagittarius is never able to suspect how they tire everyone around them. Fortunately for the environment, most Scorpios love change, so their jobs, colleagues, wives, and husbands change at regular intervals.

Realistic and pessimistic Capricorns in some matters, however, are naive, like children. Thank God, Capricorns don’t have the patience to follow their own cheat plans, but no one bothers them to be sad and depressed about what hasn’t happened in their life. Over the years, when youthful idealism evaporates, Capricorns become cheerful and optimistic old men and women.

Aquarius selects friends and loved ones from like-minded people. The Aquarius love boat often breaks in everyday life. Those who swim against the tide, at least, do not pretend to be saints, but honestly twist towards their goal, knocking down everything in their path like a tsunami wave. At first glance they are good spouses, friends, partners and parents, but what they really think about their lives, fortunately, is a mystery shrouded in darkness.

Incredible Facts Many good things have been written about zodiac signs. However, it has been known for a long time that, along with the positive qualities, we all have a series of negativity. Aries March 21-April 19: Unbalanced Psychopaths Aries plunges headlong into whatever he pleases, not looking around and not caring about the consequences of his actions. It seems that all this is quite sexy, but we do not advise you to fall under the arm. Taurus April 20-May 21: Curmudgeon Tauruses are slow, stubborn and lazy materialists.

Gemini May 22-June 21: Superficial Talkers Geminis always seem to have something to say until you realize that they have a superficial understanding of the topic of conversation at best. In fact, these are superficial and mediocre personalities who have no opinion or depth. If you’re lucky enough to get into their field of vision, expect long, harrowing stories about the past.

They are despotic and domineering tyrants who surround themselves with people who can admire them. Since they are almost incapable of just relaxing and having fun, they become great workers and helpers, but terrible companions in bed. Because of this, they get really paranoid and treat their partners as if they are playing some kind of political game for power. This creates total chaos in their personal lives, which they barely put in order.

Sagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21: Irritable Upstarts The Way Doesn’t Fool You With Sagittarius’ Love of Philosophy and Spirituality. In fact, they do it to avoid the day to day that they do not want to face. They do not pursue knowledge, but its appearance. These are careerists whose personality is not interesting enough to climb the stairs. Aquarius January 21 – February 18: Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing Although Aquarius seems eccentric, strange and original, they are well aware that they are not so special.

They use their supposed uniqueness as an excuse for a lack of love and affection in personal relationships. Believing they are geniuses can lead to a nervous breakdown. Without knowing who they are or what they want, they often fall into sentimental hysteria or live in vague chaos. Pisces tries to convince himself that he hasn’t completely lost his way in life, but he hasn’t. It reeks of power, inflated vanity and self-righteousness. Having achieved the goal, be it a man, a car, a promotion, Aries loses interest in this and rushes to look for adventures in his tenderloin, and having found them, he again steps on the same rake.

This source of words is inexhaustible. Often they have complete confusion in their heads: today they say one thing, tomorrow – completely different, the main thing for them is the exchange of information. They can be offended to death by a word accidentally thrown at them, but they let something really offensive fall on deaf ears.

Figuratively speaking, you can go to bed with one person and wake up with another. Dominant and narcissistic Leo Anyone who meets a Leo is often fascinated by him. So it’s about Lviv. His favorite pastime is admiring himself and giving orders. Lifestyle: being the center of attention. Representatives of this Sign fall into depression or anxiety for any reason. His super ability is to completely ignore his mistakes.

But they love pointing out other people’s mistakes, disinterestedly and gratuitously correcting other people’s behavior with stinging criticism, teaching life and giving unsolicited advice. As a result, it may seem to you that you were stuffed into your head in a beehive.

The purpose of life is to marry yourself. Reserved and vengeful Scorpio Scorpio’s soul is a bottomless sea poisoned by toxic waste. If you try to dive there, it disappears forever. Refusing to have relationships with those who have not agreed to submit to their control. Revenge or terrible revenge awaits those who do not share his point of view. Sagittarius tactless Sagittarius is a fire, whose warmth seems so tender and delicious, but only from afar.

This is a predator among the signs of the zodiac, stomping tactlessly through life, most often on the head. Due to this suppressed rage, Sagittarius can become serial killers, however, they rarely reach the point of frenzy, preferring moral violence to physical aggression. Pessimistic and immoral Capricorn It is as if Capricorn was created to prepare forever for something epochal and global in his life. They even go to work with the look that they are going to storm the impregnable fortress.

Capricorns are often unhappy with their lives: either they were born in a hurry, they were late, or they got the time wrong. Materialistic and pessimistic, Capricorns are as naive as children in many matters. Capricorns do not live, they move towards the goal. These guys are born with a manic desire to be the first of their flock.

Unpredictable and reckless Aquarius Representatives of this Sign are real aliens, after which the air is saturated with electricity and unpredictability. Almost every Aquarius has its own "fashion". Introducing confusion and chaos is the true calling of Aquarius. They choose friends and loved ones among like-minded people.

The circle of acquaintances are the same enthusiasts who pursue the future instead of living a real and measured life.