There Are Soul Mates

Is it your soulmate? Yes!, If These 9 Keys Are Met

But, in addition, "if that soulmate does not correspond to us, the idea appears that it will never be possible to live a love of such magnitude again". souls.

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You find your soulmate when you find certain inexplicable synchronizations, like a person with whom you have never spoken.

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Twin souls are not two parts of the same spirit. Nor are they necessarily spirits of different sexes, since spirits do not have genders. the soul is.

do soul mates exist? For this psychologist, there are. "If there are two people destined to meet, they will make it for sure". But nevertheless.

Soul mates: Do they exist?? How to identify them?

* Here there are no recklessness or promiscuity, that belongs to karmic relationships. The meeting with our soulmate is something very intense.

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Erotomania, the passionate psychosis of lovers Upon meeting again, the look of the soulmates is intuited and recognized, so the attraction and understanding that already existed between them resurfaces immediately. Theory 2: Vibrational frequency of the souls The second theory is based on the frequency in which the souls vibrate.

Souls that are on a very similar vibrational wave are soul mates. What happens is that you unconsciously intuit that you have met that person before and that, in reality, it is a reunion with an old friend or a former love. Every reunion of two soulmates is a new opportunity.

There is such a deep connection between them that they clearly perceive everything the other person feels and thinks. It could be said that there is a code of signs of soulmates, which can only be deciphered by their partner. United facing the world Two soulmates do not always share all their opinions or points of view, since, after all, they are two different people. However, their philosophy of life is the same and there are no secrets between them.

Being together they have the feeling of being a single soul and that gives them strength and a deep inner calm. Together they are capable of facing and overcoming all the problems that destiny throws at them. Among them there is no place for falsehoods, manipulations or any type of negative interest.

They accept each other as they are, with all their virtues and defects, without trying to judge or change the other. They can go through long separate stages and, although it is painful, they do not lose hope of meeting again. Thinking about the reunion is what gives them the strength they need to move forward. On the other hand, when your soulmate moves away for circumstantial reasons, the other person has the opportunity to advance in their personal learning, taking advantage of the separation for self-knowledge, heal emotional wounds and evolve spiritually.

Once this is done, you just have to pay close attention to certain details that are explained below. Even if they just met, they immediately feel comfortable, trust each other and communication flows from the heart. Understanding each other with a glance The eyes and voice of a soulmate have a kind of secret code that only their partner is able to recognize.

For example, they meet in the airport waiting room because there has been a flight delay, or they meet at a party where they have been invited "by chance". On the other hand, your name may even appear in advertisements, as if the universe is bent on sending messages to your soul mate.

Those around him can clearly perceive the magnetism that exists between them. Encounters and disagreements It is very likely that, before meeting, two soul mates have crossed paths without knowing it throughout their lives, for example, studying at the same school or working in very close places. One may seriously consider going on a diet and the other decides to quit smoking once and for all, for example.

This happens because both want to offer the other the best of themselves. There may be a significant age difference between them, they may be in other committed relationships, or they may live far apart, even in different countries. Twin souls understand each other and cannot judge them, even if they have been hurt.

On the other hand, after this happens, a greater compassion is also experienced in general towards all living beings. They do it naturally, due to the deep connection and rapport that exists between them. Looking someone in the eye demonstrates a very high level of trust and comfort. After clarifying how to know who your soulmate is, we list the main keys to find it: Appreciate every moment You do not have to obsess about how to find your soulmate.

On the contrary, the first step is to free yourself from everyday stress, appreciate every moment and discover yourself. Clear priorities From the experiences that are had throughout life, each person obtains a learning. It is necessary to learn from all these experiences, both positive and negative, to get to know yourself better and find out what you want. Trust your intuition Intuition is the reflection of the subconscious and the voice of the heart.

Emotional maturity It is important to be emotionally mature when finding a soulmate. It is not about looking for an impossible ideal or someone to combat loneliness, to fill the void left by another person and with whom to heal the wounds of yesterday. We must bet on a mature and responsible love. Eradicate prejudices It is very important to eliminate internal prejudices, because if a person is rejected from the start due to their religion, ethnicity, skin color or age, the opportunity to meet your soulmate could be lost.

Widen the circle of friends A good way to meet interesting people with similar interests is to widen the circle of friends. Some ways to do it are: participating in websites, volunteering in an organization or taking courses. The soulmate may be waiting at a cooking class or at the mountain club. In it, a young Irish woman remembers her previous lives and discovers the two men who have always loved her, who are her soulmates.

Therefore, human beings have the mission to find their other part at least once throughout their lives. This is the Law”, affirms Paulo Coelho in his theory. The concept has deep roots in human history and in the spiritual tradition of various cultures. Votes: 37 Share.

The attraction of soul mates