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Different Types Of Curtains To Combat The Cold Of Winter.


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Types of curtain fabrics – transparent or thick · How to choose between curtain models · What type of fabric to choose for a curtain.

Types of curtain fabrics – sheer or thick

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Home » Decoration with fabrics » Different types of curtains to combat the cold of winter. Different types of curtains to combat the cold of winter. Yes, I said curtains, it may seem unusual but curtains are also changed in winter, it certainly makes sense to do so. There are different types of curtains to isolate the cold, such as insulating curtains, thermal lining curtains, double curtains and Black Out.

Next, we are going to detail them one by one, explaining their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages to help you decide which model fits best in your home. Let’s see them: Insulating curtains. They are curtains with a thicker fabric than normal ones, which clearly protect from the cold if they are made well. For these curtains to be completely insulating, two things are essential: the thickness of the fabric and its size. The way to place them depends on the taste of each one.

Photo: Archiexpo. It is an expensive genre, but highly recommended. It is slightly silky, perfectly adaptable, has a good body and is highly resistant. You can find them with smooth finishes, prints, with velvet… etc. This type of fabric stands out for being very striking and for housing many different styles and designs.

Chenille fabric. Photo: Ogotobuy. Photo: Francavilla. In case you want to see approximate prices, styles and designs, we have found this quite complete web of fabrics on the Internet, where you can find this type of insulating fabrics for curtains. Thermal lined curtains for winter. They come with a self-adhesive tape that sticks to the back of the curtains. In this way we can remove them and put them whenever we want.

You can see it and buy it by clicking here. Double curtains. Photo: Comfort. Advantages and disadvantages of double curtain curtains: Advantages: -They serve both for winter and summer, and provide a greater range of colors and textures in terms of the combination of decoration. Disadvantages: -Double work, double assembly and double preparation. Black Out Curtains. Black Out curtains began to be used in meeting rooms, offices and hotels due to their peculiar darkening of environments.

Ideal for small spaces because they increase the field of vision.