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The best phrases of Thomas Shelby 1. Rum is for leisure and sex, isn’t it?? Now whiskey, now that’s for business. two. She is.

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thomas shelby. two. One thing I’ve learned is that you and I are opposites, but also the same. Like the reflection in a mirror. we hate people.

My name is Thomas Shelby and today I am going to kill a man. I don’t pay for suits. My suits are in the.

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The best phrases of Thomas Shelby

If you haven’t seen it, you’ve surely heard of it, and this series has taken everyone by surprise. Without a doubt, it is a very interesting series, where action, intelligence and violence come together in a masterful way. For the Peaky Blinders there is nothing that cannot be done, as long as it is done intelligently. But enough of preambles, here we leave you with these phrases from Peaky Blinders to remember one of the best series today.

In bars, sometimes people say things, and sometimes it’s the whiskey talking. It’s hard to tell who’s talking. Like the reflection in a mirror. We hate people, and in return they hate and fear us. Love. Instinct is a curious thing. We are all whores, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves. I can see them fighting. let your mother win. Men do not have the strategic intelligence to carry out a war between families.

Men are less good at keeping their secrets with their lies. There is no rest for me in this world. maybe in the next. An agreement is not the same thing as a guarantee. And it’s usually too fucking late. The past is not my problem.

And the future is not one of my worries either. It’s like removing bricks from the wall of your fucking house. London is just smoke and trouble. You can change what you do, but you can’t change what you want. When there are no rules, women take charge. Don’t mess with the Peaky Blinders. I can charm dogs. gypsy witchcraft.

And those I can’t charm, I can kill with my bare hands. A good man sometimes needs to hold on. Killing a man affects the heart. you know gentlemen. Whiskey is a good test. It allows you to differentiate who is real from who is not. The end of a rope has been this man’s fate since the night he was born.

I learned long ago to hate my enemies, but I have never loved any before. You never know with men. They go wherever their dicks point at them and there’s no way to change their mind. I don’t pay for the suits.

My suits are paid for by the house, or the house is on fire. Tomorrow we will be one of the two dead. You once told me that men like us can never be loved. She loves me and all you got was a bullet.

I don’t need a knife to stop telling the secrets that were entrusted to me. It’s a matter of honor. I’ve heard really bad things, really bad things about you Birmingham. In France I got used to seeing men die. I never got used to seeing horses die. Good taste is for those who can’t afford sapphires. I figure being shot by a woman hurts just as much as being shot by a man.

Don’t come here and sit in my chair and tell me I’m losing my war on fucking spaghetti. As an honorable man, not as a fucking citizen who doesn’t understand the twisted way our world works, my friend. You have to get what you want through your own means.

Babies have no principles. nobody works with me. people work for me. If you need to go to the bathroom or something, you can go. Men and their penises never cease to amaze me. Sometimes women have to take charge. as in war. Ambition for respectability does not make you a saint. Now whiskey, now that’s for business. I just put a bullet in his head… He was looking at me the wrong way.

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