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Dalgona Coffee: How To Make Tik Tok’s Favorite Drink

Dalgona coffee has been made very much thanks to the TikTok application, being very easy to prepare, many have tried to make it at home.

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Discover on TikTok the short videos related to Cafe de tik tok. See content by the following authors: Tania Vanesa

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Ingredients · 2 tablespoons instant coffee · 2 tablespoons white or brown sugar · 2 tablespoons hot water · Milk · Ice.

one. Mixing machine (if you wish, although you can also do it % manually). · two. Two tablespoons of hot water. · 3. Two.

Dalgona Coffee: How To Make Tik Tok’s Favorite Drink – Ruba | you came home

The simple recipe to prepare creamy dalgona coffee that The so-called dalgona coffee or whipped dalgona coffee has conquered TikTok.

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We work better with him. motivates us. But especially this type of sparkling coffee, made famous in this age of responsible house keeping and widely spread on social media. It is Dalgona coffee, which comes from South Korea, and whose name is associated with the thick foam that resembles a sweet nougat type from that country.

Truly craving just by seeing a cup of this exquisite drink, we share the recipe so you can make it with the whole family from the comfort of your home. it’s tasty. When waking up, or after eating, or while working, when we meet friends or enjoy our favorite series, movie or book.

We cannot deny that coffee is a special part of our lives and our daily lives. You can do this with a balloon whisk or an electric mixer. popular items.

I saw this recipe not TIKTOK and I decided to do it…