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How To Do Makeup On TikTok: The 5 Best Beauty Filters

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How to Put on Makeup on TikTok (Top 5 Filters)

Discover here how to put on makeup on TikTok and the best app filters to do it. These beauty effects are very real!!

How to put on makeup on TikTok First of all, keep in mind that there are three keys to successfully applying makeup on this app: Knowing how to remove imperfections from your face with TikTok’s beauty mode. Improve the lighting of the place where you record your videos. Well, with a ring of light. And of course use a good makeup filter. Next you will see how to use the “Beautify” option of the app. Then, we leave you a list with the 5 best TikTok makeup effects.

TikTok beauty mode: everything you need to know This app setting helps you greatly improve your appearance. By activating the “Beautify” button, you will see a great change in the features of your face. And it is that the effects of the beauty mode are very varied. With this function you can modify from the color of your skin, to the size of your chin.

Therefore, it complements perfectly with makeup filters. That is, you will not have to configure this function every time you use it in your videos. Now hit the “Beautify” button. This function is located above the "Time" setting.

When doing this, two tabs will appear: “Face” and “Makeup”. Then use the “Makeup” tab. The cause of this problem are two: Your mobile is not compatible with the "Beautify" setting. This happens because the smartphone is somewhat old or does not have enough power to use the beauty mode. You haven’t updated TikTok. Therefore, the function does not appear in the video editor. Base: gives your skin a different shade. Shadow: adds light and color to the contour of your eyes.

Hit the “Effects” button. Then click on the “Beauty” section. Tap the icon of the effect you want to use to record your video. On the other hand, the best beauty filters available on TikTok are the following: Bright makeup, the effect that gives you beautiful eyes.