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The Movie Of Your Life Created With The Facebook Timeline

To rescue their professor, a group of archeology students travel back in time to 14th-century France, in the middle of the war against the English.

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When Facebook introduced its new design called Timeline, it created an eye-catching video that depicted Andy Spark’s life in just over a minute.

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Timeline (Rescue in time) is a science fiction film directed by Richard Donner, loosely based on the homonymous novel written by.

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Timeline is a film directed by Richard Donner with Paul Walker, Frances O’Connor, Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly, Ethan Embry . Year:

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It was designed to revolutionize transportation, but Doniger inadvertently opened a hole that leads directly to the fourteenth century and Professor Johnston, who.

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Very soon, we will all have to switch to the new Facebook timeline or chronology. It does not replace the profile photo, but it covers a much larger space. You can fill it with any photo, but it has very specific dimensions. So I recommend the CoverCanvas tool. It has several very creative templates, and by connecting it with your Facebook account you can fill those templates with your photos on the social network.

Another site is CoverPhotoFinder. The downside is you can’t save or share the video it creates. But it’s so much fun to watch. A few months ago at Cafe CNN I featured a site that uses the same concept, but Take This Lollipop turns your profile into a horror movie. As much as the timeline, it is a way to remind you to be careful what you share on social networks

Timeline (1/8) Movie CLIP – You Make Your Own History (2003) HD