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How To Color Orange Highlights At Home And In 30 Minutes

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Take it seriously and set aside time each week to.

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How to apply a hair toner?

Take it seriously and set aside time each week to.

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A few days ago she had dyed her hair blonde. Of course her blonde hair turned orange over the days. Or that we had used an expired tincture. I confess that her hair looked quite ugly, but there is an important step between entering the salon screaming and with all the patience in the world, we explained to her that it was absolutely normal.

We explain the same technique that I am going to explain to you now to nuance that orange tone of the hair. Before explaining the technique I would like to explain why blonde hair tends to turn orange. The explanation is important to understand what we are going to do next but if you are not interested you can skip it. I’m not going to be offended at all. Announcements Announcements I say it again.

If you are not interested in understanding why your hair has turned that ugly color you can skip everything below. If you pay attention the opposite color to yellow is purple. Advertisements The opposite color to orange is blue. And so we could go on all day.

What matters to us is that when opposite colors come together they cancel each other out. If your hair turned very orange then we need to "tint" it with a blue color. If your hair is very yellow we will need to balance it with violet tones. To cancel these tones we need to use a product that gives the hair shades between violet and blue. That’s what we’re going to see now. Advertisements As I said at the beginning, this technique works on all types of blonde-dyed hair.

This includes completely or partially dyed hair, such as hair with blonde highlights. All the expense that we are going to do does not exceed 14 dollars. Much less than what we would spend if we went to a professional salon to touch up the color. We are going to use two things. a toner.