To Read In Bed

Reading In Bed: Advantages And Disadvantages

"After eating, not an over read": why mixing bed and reading has been so frowned upon for so long? The hypotheses, which here.

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Of course, be careful with the books you choose because you could stay up all night with the excuse of "one more chapter".

Of course, be careful with the books you choose because you could stay up all night with the excuse of "one more chapter".

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And who says they enjoy a book, says those activities that threaten our health. With these tricks, reading in bed.

Reading in bed: advantages and disadvantages

Sitting on the mattress and leaning our back against the headboard or the wall is one of the healthiest positions to read in bed. To avoid forcing the.

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The keys to reading well in bed

This is because the screens of any device monitors, televisions, phones, tablets By itself, blue light is not bad, especially when it is natural, because it intervenes in the correct circadian rhythms in relation to the sleep and wake cycle of the being human, but to which we are extending for long hours with the screens. The so-called electronic ink of ebooks favors rest. Something that Dr. Guillén-Riquelme clarifies so that any techie reader does not alter their pre-sleep routine or be alarmed by it.

For our body, reading on paper is not the same as doing it on a screen. In any case, it is a good tool to disconnect, reduce stress and relax, although you also have to know how to do it so as not to harm your body. In fact, reading before bed is a good idea, but not so much the fact of reading specifically in bed.

It is evident that reading can force us into bad postures, even when we are in bed, since we do not always know how to position ourselves. Therefore, they recommend resorting to "an ergonomic chair or armchair that takes care of our posture and, when we finish, go to bed to sleep". No to forced postures. This is an error, although we can synthesize it in three key phases: avoid positions that make us bend our necks, just as it is not convenient to read upside down or sideways.

Avoid overloading the shoulders and neck. yes to the head. Find the right distance. Let’s not stick too close to the book, nor put it so far away that it complicates reading. a correct light. Articulated and reclining bases. If it seems ‘too much’, we can always buy a reading base on which to support the book and thus not punish our forearms with reading or make a small ‘mountain’ with cushions to support it there.

If you are looking for ideas, here are a few.

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