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Don’t Lose "LOVE, FAITH AND HOPE" In The New Album Of Grupo Bryndis

Forbidden love by Grupo Bryndis: For love, video/hear. Even so, they adored each other and God knows, even where they sinned It was their love, what mattered Today.

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Grupo Bryndis – The Language Of Love | In the language of love There is no reason That can understand the heart That can remedy the situation.

“LOVE, FAITH AND HOPE” in the new album by Grupo Bryndis

Lyrics of the song Brindis de Amor – Halcones del Norte – Song lyrics of all styles.

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If you’re wondering what to watch on Netflix this weekend, we recommend the premiere of the reboot of Rebelde and the new season of Queer Eye. Unlike the old remake, this time we see students from different Latin American countries with different social classes, preferences and tastes, generating all kinds of conflicts.

In this new round, the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang dojos come together to defeat Cobra Kai -which is controlled by John Kreese- in the karate tournament for under 18s in the Valley. In this new installment, the Hugh Grant dish is repeated as the academician Tennyson Foss, and others are added, such as Lucy Liu. Despite focusing on a particular mission, both do not put aside the rivalry that separates them.

Elite: Brief Stories Elite: Brief Stories, the spin-off of the successful Spanish series, premiered its second season this week with the first of three stories, which take place while the students of Las Encinas celebrate Christmas. This, in the midst of a complex scenario where everyone he met turned their back on him. Phil and George are equal to each other. While the first is elegant and cruel, the second is impassive and kind.

Together they co-own a huge ranch in Montana. For that, they had to separate into two groups. On the one hand, the parents stayed in the Resolute, and, on the other, the children, commanded by Judy, took off in another space transport bound for Alpha Centauri. The story begins with the interpreter in rehabilitation where he begins to remember his origins, his songs and his vertiginous path of inspiration and above all, excesses. Both play Stella and Will, respectively, two young people who suffer from cystic fibrosis, so they should not get closer than two meters away due to the possibility that both contract bacteria from the other, which could aggravate their condition.

Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! However, various factors cause this young artist to begin to question whether it is really worth achieving his long-awaited dream. Unlike other series in which their seasons are released in their entirety, the streaming platform publishes a new episode every week until completing the nine.

She has come to such an extent with her lie that she even married a racist man who does not know the truth that his wife hides. The story centers on Natalie, a young woman who hasn’t had the best of luck in love until she meets a man through a dating app. For the same reason, he travels to meet him and is very surprised when he realizes that he was the victim of a catfish, since he was not who he claimed to be. This is the first feature film by Jeymes Samuel, who gave an account of the influence that the outstanding director Quentin Tarantino had on him.

The story focuses on Lina, who has just ended her relationship with her ex-partner Nico, and how she tries to overcome this difficult breakup. The production alternates the facts with the past and the present, giving an account of how the bond between the two was born and how little by little it was worn out. This is how, in the first episode, we only spend one minute in the present and ten in the past.

The Army of Thieves The Army of Thieves, a prequel to the movie The Army of the Dead that premiered last year, debuted this Friday on Netflix. In these new ten episodes, the Locke brothers believed they had killed the demon called Dodge. However, he managed to enter the body of Gabe, Kinsey’s boyfriend. Insiders: Season 1 Spanish actress Najwa Nimri put acting aside to take on a new challenge on Netflix called Insiders, where she takes on the role of host of this particular reality show.

Unlike the television confinements that we already know, here twelve participants believe they are in the final phase of a casting to enter a new reality show, of which they do not know further details. What they did not know is that they were already inside and were being recorded from day one. The story focuses on Maca, a 30-year-old woman who works under the auspices of a fashion influencer and has relationships with men, with whom she never formalizes a relationship.

In it, the actor plays the journalist Eddie Brock, who seeks to unmask the creator of the Vida Foundation, the scientist Carlton Drake. While investigating one of his experiments, the alien entity Venom takes possession of the journalist’s body, acquiring amazing superpowers. Guilty Guilty is the name of the new Netflix movie in which Jake Gyllenhaal plays a degraded police officer who works at a service emergency center The film is an adaptation of the Danish Den skyldige, The Guilty of the Year They all discover that they share the same genes.

Since then, they seek to discover the network of lies and secrets that surrounds the father of the Juanas and the birth of each of them. La Venganza de las Juanas is an adaptation of the Colombian television series written by Bernardo Romero Pereiro entitled Las Juanas, broadcast in Mexico, in , an adaptation was made under the title of Daughters of the Moon. Colonia Dignidad Just a few days ago, Netflix released a six-episode mini-documentary series about Colonia Dignidad, the German sect that settled in the south of our country and was led by Paul Schafer.

The series focuses on Jerry Seinfeld and his eccentric friends Elaine, Constanza and Kramer who live in New York, where they portray their day-to-day experiences. Britney vs. This audiovisual piece features exclusive testimonies from the singer’s ex-partner, Adnan Ghalib, whom she met while paparazzeing her. He was joined by Sam Lutfi, his former representative, and who is accused by the Spears family of being responsible for the debacle that Britney experienced at the end of the Eastern decade, made up of 17 chapters due to how complex it was to record by the sanitary measures, fully addresses what the COVID pandemic was A plus that this season has, is that several characters who died previously reappeared, causing a furor among their followers.

This new priest awakens a renewed religious fervor in this community that does not know what to expect. The story, divided into nine episodes, focuses on a group of individuals with financial problems who receive a strange invitation to join a series of children’s games and thus win a grotesque sum of money. On the other hand, Eric enjoys his new relationship with Adam, while Otis tries to forget Maeve after she did not respond to the voicemail he left him, where he declared his love for her.

Suddenly, they begin to disappear, so they decide to invoke him again to try to get her back. The plot focuses on Adelaide Wilson, a woman who, together with her husband and two children, decides to return to the house where she lived her childhood to live an idyllic vacation.

What none of them imagined is that once they took off their masks, they realized that it was themselves. On this occasion, Lucifer became the new manager of Heaven and of caring for humans, after God decided to go with his wife to a new universe. For the same reason, they have no other alternative than to rob these premises. To his surprise, yes, he gets an opportunity to make amends for all the mistakes he made on Earth as a result of his selfishness and eccentricity, and thus be able to reconnect with his loved ones, such as his parents and his best friend.

In Depth: Caitlyn Jenner As part of the documentary series In Depth, Netflix premiered this week an episode dedicated to Caitlyn Jenner, renowned Olympic athlete and member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Here we meet Padgett, a popular influencer who, in the middle of a live broadcast, discovers that her partner has been unfaithful to her. To save his reputation, he decides to make a change of image, as a bet, to a young man named Camaron, who is distinguished by being disheveled and antisocial. Things start to get complicated when he starts to fall for his prom date project.

In the midst of the closing of the campaign, his partner, who was seeking to be President, is brutally assassinated, so in the midst of all the chaos that this causes, he makes the pastor the new candidate for the Presidency. Pray Away Netflix premiered a few weeks ago the documentary Pray Away: The Cross Inside the Closet, which deals with conversion therapies for homosexual people. The plot focuses on Ronit, a woman who, due to the death of her father, a rabbi, returns to her Orthodox Jewish community that rejected her.

This animal lives comfortably with Andrés, who unexpectedly receives a letter from Marta, an old love of youth. The story picks up where the end of the second cycle left off, when Moritz took control of the company My Drugs, which caused a fight with his two partners and friends, Lenny and Daniel.

However, the couple survived thanks to the help of a ship that appeared at the scene. This first season of Amor A Primera Bestia has only six episodes. Masters of the Universe, Revelation: part one After months of waiting, Netflix has just released Masters of the Universe: Revelation, the new animated series that brings back the iconic character of the 80s, He-Man.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation, consists of ten episodes, divided into two parts. The cast also features names like Troye Sivan and Xavier Dolan. The story centers on a journalist who discovers a handful of love letters dating back to the 1960s that portray the hidden love between the wife of a wealthy businessman and a financial journalist. While this is happening, the reporter begins her own love story, but always with the aim of discovering what happened to this couple who could never make their love come true.

Here, a group of friends is trapped in a forest in southern Italy, having to face unknown threats that put their lives in danger. Never Have I Ever: Second Season The acclaimed series Never Have I Ever, created by Mindy Kailing and inspired by her youth, premiered its second season this week on Netflix.

Meanwhile, we will also learn how Casey carries on her relationship with Izzie, who was her best friend. This time, the story of the trilogy is set in the same city of Shadyside but in But when another Shadysider is possessed by the urge to kill, the fun in the sun turns into a terrifying fight for survival. Bridget Jones’s Baby After the success of the first two films in and , the third part was released twelve years later: Bridget Jones’s Baby.

The character played by Renée Zellweger returned in a new stage in her life after ending her relationship with Mark Darcy and having just turned 40. Surprisingly, Bridget meets a handsome American named Jack, who has everything Darcy didn’t. Stine, and that follows the horrors that occurred in the town of Shadyside. What they do not know is that they could become the next victims. Easton 44 chapters about 4 men. The story centers on Billie Connelly, a woman who lives what seems to be the perfect life: a loving husband, two children, and a comfortable home in Connecticut.

But before achieving this, while living in New York with her friend Sasha, she was a free spirit who openly enjoyed her sexuality. Given the nostalgia that comes from remembering her life before getting married, Billie decides to write a diary in which she fantasizes about the passionate life she had with her ex-boyfriend Brad.

When her husband discovers this, he decides to agree to experience everything his wife wants, thus experiencing new adventures. Thus, we will see how Matt manages to deal with the fact of being a single father, while mourning the loss of his wife. Elite: fourth season After months of waiting, this Friday, June 18, the fourth season of the Netflix Elite series finally debuts, which brings several new features in its eight new episodes. For the same reason, everything we see in Elite: Brief Stories takes place during the summer, prior to the new school year in Las Encinas.