Tom Ellis Lucifer

Tom Ellis, Lucifer Morningstar Actor

Fed up with hell, Lucifer leaves his throne in hell and goes to Los Angeles, where he starts working as a homicide detective.

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Thomas John Ellis (Cardiff, November 17) is a well-known Welsh actor. In February , it was announced that Ellis was cast as Lucifer.

TV. The series revolves around Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), the Devil, who leaves Hell for Los Angeles, where he runs his own club.

Tom Ellis, actor in Lucifer Morningstar on Netflix (formerly on Fox)

Tom Ellis is for many Lucifer Morningstar. The actor always looked like the series, which was canceled and then resurrected by Netflix.

Lucifer filming

It measures almost nothing: 1. He comes from a very religious family, his mother taught him to play several instruments and therefore he has spent many years in the conservatory. Tom Ellis was not really interested in acting when he was in school, in fact, his great passion at that time was sports. His first theatrical work was in Beauty and the Beast where he played the Beast, a play in which actor James McAvoy also participated. In his filmography we can find that he has been active since the year In the year , we can also see him act in Once Upon a Time where he plays Robin Hood, however, for reasons of filming in other series he could not continue in the role and was changed by another actor.

And his long-awaited recognition came with the series Lucifer Tom Ellis Lucifer is a television series developed by Tom Kapinos, producer of great series such as Californication or Dawson Creek, which premiered in the United States on Fox in January Filming of Lucifer The series will be filmed during the first two seasons in British Columbia, but from the third season the filming stayed in Los Angeles. The first season of the series received mixed reviews from critics, although subsequent seasons were rated higher, praising Tom Ellis’s performance.

Despite the fact that the series during the first season obtained a high audience, this was progressively declining, so FOX announced that it was canceling the series after three seasons. Netflix also announced in June that the series would be renewed for a sixth and final season. He is an actor with charisma, one of those who do not need to speak because the expression on his face and his eyes tell you everything.

Let’s hope that his role as the Devil does not pigeonhole him since any role that falls into his hands could be interpreted impeccably. In it the couple announced that they had engaged and in June they were married. In the Lucifer actor had announced that they were separating amicably and a year later they finally divorced.