Tommy Karate Kid

Actor Who Played Tommy From The Karate Kid Has Died At 59

Tommy is the tertiary of The Karate Kid, one of the former students of the Cobra Kai Dojo and one of John Lawrence’s close friends. Advertisement.

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He played Tommy, one of the Cobra Kai children in The Karate Kid and the movie sequel. That was his most famous role that he played, and then he had.

Rob Garrison, known to the public for his role as Tommy in the hit film The Karate Kid, has died at the age of 59 while in hospital.

Rob Garrison, who plays Tommy, was part of the movie "Karate Kid" and also the series "Cobra Kai, which has taken.

The actor who played Tommy from Karate Kid, died at the age of 59

Tommy (Rob Garrison) was part of the movie ‘Karate Kid’ and was one of the best friends of Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

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