Tommy Shelby Cut

Peaky Blinders Style Grooms

After having cut his hair, he even compared himself to Tommy Shelby himself, a character played by Cillian Murphy in the Peaky Blinders series, which is.

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The Shelby style was named after Peaky Blinders’ Thomas Shelby – by Cilian Murphy.

Game of the Keys Season Two

Following Tommy’s reaction at the end of the fifth season, as well as Ada’s warning in the teaser, it seems that the Shelbys will face each other.

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Most of the cuts in this series are characterized by one thing. One of the favorite cuts, without a doubt, is that of Thomas Shelby -one.

Slicked back, the fashionable haircut | Pure beauty

Tommy Shelby hat and glasses kit – Peaky Blinders. have fun! | Funidelia glasses thomas shelby Cillian Murphy playing Thomas Shelby Peaky.

Short Bob Hair

Slicked back: a haircut that has made a comeback but was already worn in the 1940s and before.

There is a palpable connection between and The influence of the series has reached such a point that renowned fashion designers have created capsule collections based on the Peaky Blinders aesthetic. All this applicable in our new years The hallmark of production is impeccable tailoring.

The looks are completed with long coats, lace-up boots, the already characteristic caps and pocket watches. The cut of his suits marks a high economic level, but he is not ostentatious with colors as the nouveaux riches were. They move between the upper class and the lower class, in a middle ground, but they do it with style. That is why they maintain their characteristic caps, these types of caps were typical of the working classes, thus highlighting their commitment to them and to their origins.

It’s a rather strange mix of fabrics, but it’s another reflection of his place in society: an underground gangster who doesn’t really belong to any normal social class. When we are introduced to the brothers, this fact leads us to believe that Arthur, who is the older brother, is the leader. But Polly usually wears suits with a masculine cut and silk scarves. Both pieces are signs of luxury, money and class. If a woman wears a suit how she wears it, you know she is someone important.

During the years in which the men were in the war, she was the one who ran the family and kept the businesses afloat, and although Tommy takes over when he returns, Polly continues to play a fundamental role. The Shelby boys mix styles, and wear these working men’s boots with their tailored suits. It is another point of union between the two worlds to which they belong.

To recreate this type of looks, we rely mainly on those fabrics, wool and tweed. And we try to give them a trend fit. Recent logins.