Tony Stark Number

FANS GO CRAZY! Marvel Revealed Tony Stark’s Phone Number

From the cusp of tomorrow’s dreams to the forefront of imagination, one man always soars on the cutting edge of adventure! You know his name. Tony Stark is.

Thor reveals Tony Stark’s number. -. In the recent Thor #7 comic, writer Donny Cates played a prank on Tony Stark.

Tony Stark is Iron Man. And Iron Man is an idea. always changing. always evolving. Now Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti drive the ultimate hero!.

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When fans called the number in question, they realized it was for Tony Stark, who had a message on his phone.

Thor trolls Iron Man; publishes the real phone number of Tony Stark – 24 hours Puebla

By the way, if you call that number, you’ll get a prerecorded message from "Tony Stark" saying he’s too busy to answer your call.

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Share 0 The Iron Man character has been reckless in the past, but recently Tony Stark has taken things to a whole new level as he wishes to die. Since the beginning of his new series, Tony Stark has acted like he has a strong death wish. Iron Man’s reckless behavior extended to Tony Stark’s personal life as well.

When Iron Man and Hellcat were together at the beginning of the comic, Tony Stark was already injured, and all he could think about was whether he might have won his fight with Absorbing Man if the battle hadn’t been stopped by Arcade. Both were times when Iron Man not only tested his limits, but was seemingly looking for a way to die. Tony Stark doesn’t understand why people cheer for the bad guy. Cardiac kidnapped some pharmaceutical workers and their lives were in danger.

Tony and Hellcat scrambled to resolve the situation and discovered that Cardiac had the workers imprisoned in an airtight bubble composed of a mixture of adamantium and vibranium. So the people trapped inside had a dangerous shortage of oxygen. The AI ​​said the chance of surviving Iron Man was unknown, but he had a chance of fracturing most bones.

He made his way through anyway and ended up in the hospital with seventeen broken bones, a punctured left lung, and an irregular heartbeat. She said that Iron Man wants to spectacularly kill himself, so he can reduce the moral complexities of his reputation and end up with a statue in Central Park.

For someone who saved the world numerous times and even died a few times, Iron Man has never really gotten what he wants.