Traditional Mexican Braids

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Braid. Pinning your hair in a long braid down the back is a simple and traditional way that Mexican women wear their hair.

The Mexican dolls will be your best travel souvenir and you will be in their traditional dress and braids with colored ribbons.

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The Mexican revolutionaries did not have that hairstyle. you will see women with long braids, some wearing hats, and occasionally.

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traditional mexican braids

Braided crowns, Frida Kahlo style. The hairstyle of the Mexican painter is very famous. Hairstyles covered with colored ribbons. Off-the-shoulder blouses. The frills everywhere. The dress on the left is originally from Jalisco and is called the dress of ribbons, it has been used to dance the cheerful Jarabe Tapatío for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Embroidery on clothing and accessories. Each corner of Mexico has its own technique and style, it is a tradition that comes from the colonial times.

Nowadays, you find endless garments covered with flowers, animals and any character embroidered by hand. the mexican pink. In , the Mexican designer and journalist, Ramón Valdiosera, presented a collection in New York with garments of this color so typical in Mexican culture.

The palm hats. Traditional hats are made from the leaves of palm trees and, since about , Mexican actresses such as Dolores del Río or Maricruz Olivier have used them in their films, making them a fashion accessory. The ponchos… They are traditionally known as serapes and were used by men since the time of Moctezuma to cover themselves from the cold. The same fabric is used to make other garments such as skirts and even to make blankets.

And the fringes on the edges. The Jargon Jackets. Michael Kors recently introduced a series of garments that strangely resemble Mexican slang jackets, which you find in any craft market. The huaraches, in hundreds of colors.

They are a typical shoe and made by hand. Its peculiar name comes from Purépecha, an indigenous language from the west of the country. And finally, the cowboy boots.

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